GreenTraveler – World’s best travel friendly food and drink container

GreenTraveler, the world’s best travel friendly reusable food and drink container, has taken off in popularity on Kickstarter.

GreenTraveler surpassed its crowdfunding goal in less than 24 hours, and just one week into its campaign the ingenious to-go food container system has raised more than 330-percent of its goal thanks to the support of over 580 backers.

“The instant success of our eco-friendly and travel-friendly container is very gratifying because it serves as a strong validation that we’re solving a big problem for consumers everywhere who need a trouble-free way to carry their lunches and drinks,” said GreenTraveler Co-founder James Robinson. “The idea came from our own frustrations from using Tupperware-type containers to try carry food and drinks without spills and needing to carry multiple containers and bottles.”

GreenTraveler is a reusable eco-friendly lunch container designed with six separate, leak-proof compartments that can carry a total of 44 ounces of food and beverages in a single container. Its contours serve as a built-in dish or bowl to enjoy your meals, snacks and drinks while traveling, camping or for the daily work/lunch routine.

GreenTraveler is cylindrical, like a water bottle, so it easily clips to a bag, and it’s airtight, so users can be confident the lid won’t pop off. It’s also rugged for all outdoor activities.


As the name suggests, GreenTraveler is designed with the environment in mind. It can be used as a to-go container so restaurant leftovers don’t end up in a disposable Styrofoam container. It can also be used to buy food in bulk.

The empty weight and volume is printed on every container for measuring portions and buying food by weight, without being charged for the container weight.

Constructed with ABS plastic, known for its technical and food-safe properties without BPA or phthalates, it’s also resistant to high-heat making it microwave and dishwasher safe.

GreenTraveler is available on Kickstarter for a limited time with early-bird special pricing. For more information, visit the GreenTraveler Crowdfunding Campaign Page.


About Green Traveler
Founded in 2015 by James Robinson and Juliene Wintermute, who met in college as environmental engineering students, Green Traveler is focused on creating dynamic, useful and sustainable to-go ware through a design process that produces minimal to zero-waste during any of their product’s production and distribution cycles.

The addition of their third partner Josey Zadoria has helped to bring an idea into the marketplace. The company is committed to donating one percent of its net income to natural resource conservation funds and encourages the recycling of all its products through a return program.


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