A Few Tips To Help With Packing For Your Vacation

Doug Williams

For some people, just the thought of planning all the different aspects of a trip can be extremely stressful and a particularly stressful part of planning a vacation is deciding what to take with you.

Here are some guidelines to help you pack for your next big trip.

A good tip when it comes to packing light is to pack any items of clothing that can work for different needs meaning you need to take less. Performance fabrics are a great thing to take on vacation with you as they are breathable, moisture wicking and can be very light to travel with.


Neutral colored clothing is another great thing to pack with you, especially trousers. Neutral colored clothing can be paired with almost anything and therefore you will not have to agonize over matching things up for different occasions.

Take clothing that does not wrinkle easily, If you are going to be living out of a suitcase, it will be better if all of your clothing isn’t winkled, even if you are staying in hotels that will have an iron available. It is still an added stress and time-consuming task to have to iron all of your outfits, so it’s best avoiding it altogether.

Bring items with you that will help protect you against the sun: this can be both clothing items as well as accessories. It can really put a damper on your trip if you get a bad case of sunburn, even sunstroke, and are not able to be in the sun or participate in certain activities as a result.

Insect protection is another thing that you should be thinking of when you are packing, depending on where you are going. There could be a lot of bugs present and it can really ruin your trip if you get a lot of bites or, in the worse case scenario, get sick.

You should also bring clothing that has pockets, shirts or pants. This allows added storage on your person so that you, allowing you to keep your valuables closer to you in an unknown location. You will feel safer and your valuables will be safer as a result.


Packing can be a stressful thing, but it does not have to put you in a bad mood before your trip, so just be sure to be prepared and bring the right things based on where and when you’re traveling.


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