The Adventurer Portable Microwave is on the way to make outdoor lovers meals easier to cook.

The Adventurer Portable Microwave is on the way to revolutionise outdoor cooking. OK, so part of the fun of camping and being outdoors is cooking over a fire. However, there are times when you could really do with bringing some tech with you. The blurb on wayvtech website says:

Heat Food, Anywhere…

Introducing The Adventurer, The World’s First Portable Solid-State RF Food Heater ‘Microwave’. Groundbreaking Technology Has Evolved The Microwave Oven In To A Hand Held Device Designed To Heat Food And Beverages, Anywhere

Their website is actually hard to navigate so we have found as much information for you as we can – we actually think its a great product.  The Adventurer uses a rechargeable lithium battery, so it’s ideal for camping, car trips, or your desk lunch, and has all kinds of snazzy features: a digital display, a lock/unlock button so your leftovers won’t spill over your bag, and a little handle. As all things run on batteries it has limited battery life of around 30 mins which is more than enough to warm up your outdoor meal.

Here are some great questions and answers:

Where can I buy the Adventurer?

Launching in the US in early 2017.

How portable is the Adventurer?

The Adventurer is small and lightweight enough to fit in a backpack or simply put it in your car for a day out.

What much does it weigh?

The unit weighs less than 1.5kg

How much use do I get from a charge?

The unit has 30+ minutes operational time, which will provide up to 6 hot meals or drinks.

Where can I recharge the unit?

The Adventurer can be recharged at home and in the car. It is also compatible with portable solar panels, readily available and in stores

How do I clean it?

The lining of the Wayv Adventurer easily slides out allowing you to clean, its even dishwasher safe.

Can I only heat pre-packaged food?

No, with the versatile liner you can put between 100ml and 500ml of either food or drink to be heated.

How safe is it?

The Adventurer was originally developed with the Military in mind and has undergone rigorous testing.

Could it be used as part support to disaster relief situations?

Yes, as the unit is rechargeable, compatible with solar charging panels, it will be ready to be used in all environments.

Can I use the Wayv in fire ban areas?

Wayv adventurer can be used in all fire ban areas as there are no naked flames.

“The new Wayv Adventurer takes on-the-go smart cooking experiences to a new level,” said Dan Viza, director of product marketing for RF cooking at NXP. “We’re excited to work with Wayv and unveil this new innovation into the market.”

We are definitely interested in taking one on the road to see just how well it works. The Adventurer will launch in the U.S. in 2017 and each one will cost $119.





jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival