Adventuring With A Super Blanket – Kachula 2.0- Packable Adventure Blanket

Sometimes a blanket has got to be more use than a sleeping bag, especially if you’re just out for the day. I keep a couple of blankets in the car just in case, especially through the winter in case of an emergency and often through the summer to use for picnics.

Having a blanket that does more than just being a blanket is a good thing, being able to wear it as a waterproof poncho is a good thing, it’s better for helping someone who’s in trouble and for comfort in general use.

I’m just wondering if we get a couple into the Outdoor Revival office whether we can go out and make a waterproof shelter, that would be a great test!


Here’s some more information from the team at Coalatree who are producing the Kachula 2.0 blanket.



Having a team of avid travelers, outdoor adventurers, and urban dwellers from all walks of life, we didn’t find the average sleeping bag always ideal. We wanted to make a blanket that fit a much wider use base than your average sleeping bag or travel blanket.

A blanket that would work at the beach, or the ballpark, a family reunion or a music festival, in the mountains or the city. We did our homework through lots of market research and spending countless hours we were able to create what we felt could be the world’s most functional adventure blanket, “The Kachula”.


Double Zippers

We Added Double Zippers For Easier Packing

Waterproof Hood

We added a waterproof hood


Reinforced Snaps

Reinforced snaps to make the Kachula more connectable

It’s Waterproof, Windproof and Odor Resistant

Waterproof and odor-resistant

It includes a hidden pocket for your valuables

Store away keys and your phone easily in the pouch

We had great success with the Kachula 1.0. We had major retailers, positive reviews and solid sales.
But the Kachula wasn’t done maturing yet. After rigorous testing and abuse, we found ways to improve upon our design and now bring Kickstarter a product we’re confident you will agree is the world’s most functional adventure blanket.

The Kachula V2 adds a waterproof hood and reinforced the snaps to make it more connectable.



Who is Coalatree?
Coalatree started out in 2010 by a group of friends on a journey to create sustainably sourced apparel and multi-use products.

Our mission is to bring you comfortable, durable and highly functional products that can be enjoyed whether you are in the mountains or in a sprawling city. The majority of our products are made from organic or recycled materials. We are passionate about sourcing the finest sustainable materials.



You can see more information on the Kachula 2.0 Adventure Blanket Indiegogo Page. Where you can purchase your very own Kachula 2.0.

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