ADVMoto Magazine Busts Five Myths of Adventure Travel and Motorcycling

Have you got the itch for adventure, but don’t think you can do it? ADVMoto asks five famous globe riders about five common myths of adventure travel.

Adventure travel is a hot topic, but is it doable for the average person? With over 40 years and 400,000 miles through the most remote and dangerous regions of the world, our star panel of riders conclude money, time and safety are not the biggest barriers to starting the adventure of a lifetime.

Safety concerns are often the first objection to adventure travel and many live in a constant fear of what will happen once we break our daily routines.  In reality though, threat of violence almost never happens.  The biggest dangers are your own poor judgment and inability to be culturally or mentally flexible.

“Travel quickly makes you learn the rules of survival, and once you respect them, everything is going to be ok. Risk is part of what makes the journey exciting and full of beautiful experiences and lessons.” — Manu Torres and Ivana Colakovska from “Around Gaia”

Time is usually next on the list. You don’t have to go as far as you may think to have an adventure.  Much of what makes something an adventure is not necessarily setting world records, but pushing personal limits.

“A great adventure can start as soon as you leave your driveway. An adventure begins as soon as you put yourself in a position where you are experiencing something new. Different challenges and learning new things are the key elements of an adventure.” —Sam Manicom

Finally, people believe it takes a lot of money to have an adventure. This is easy to understand since the list of equipment for any overland travel can pile up quickly, but the most important pieces of gear you can take are an open attitude about the world and a good tent.

“Some funds are of course necessary, but once you’re out there, who knows what wonderful opportunities will come your way. There are always ways to make more money, but no one’s worked out yet how to make more time! So don’t wait or over-plan.” —Simon and Lisa Thomas from “2RidetheWorld”

Everyone is ultimately an “average” person. If you want it badly enough to accept the risks, you may find otherworldly rewards. Like all of our panelists will insist, don’t worry about safety if you can use some common sense.  Money will be alright if you’re willing to live simply and you don’t have to travel far to have an adventure. What’s most important is to challenge yourself, seek new experiences and pursue a life of discovery and excellence. It’s closer than you might think, and only a decision away!

Image: ADVMoto Magazine


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival