The Alpha Shovel: The Most Badass Shovel For Everyone

The winter is here and many of us have snow so it’s time to start thinking about shovels if you’ve not already.  We’ve not got our snow yet but I’m still thinking about shovels, but only cool ones!

Every few years we get a good load of snow here at the Outdoor Revival office and I’m hoping that we get a load this year, we’re due some.  I also want to try out some shovels which is why I’ve been looking at them quite a bit.  the obvious thing to do is pop down to Costco and grab the nice over sized one they have in there, but to be honest, it’s not very exciting, well, not compared to the Alpha Shovel which can shovel, split, hammer and collapses into a packable bundle.

Here’s some more information on the Alpha Shovel by DMOS Collective.


The Alpha Shovel is an innovative tool for BOTH shoveling and cutting through hard surfaces. Quality, indestructible, built for life.

Last year on Kickstarter, we introduced the world to The Stealth Shovel, a pro-quality, packable converting to full-sized, all-terrain multi-tool for shoveling, raking, and biting through hard surfaces like ice and hard-pack snow. We got a lot of feedback on the Stealth Shovel. We won the 2016 ISPO Brand New Hardware Award. We had happy Kickstarter backers and customers. People loved that it was indestructible. People loved the aggressive, portable design. But, they said, we need something bigger. Badder. For when it pukes snow or you have to move a whole lotta dirt.


Hardware store shovels and rakes come in steel, plastic, and aluminum and most people have a whole quiver of them for different applications. DMOS’s design approach is to build an all-terrain, all-season shovel multi-tool. The first of its kind that is a shovel for snow and dirt, a combination rake/hoe, and, with teeth, a shovel that requires less leverage and force to penetrate hard pack dirt and snow. We make tools that are portable, with shafts that are indestructible, with blades that don’t bend or break. We’ve built a shovel multi-tool that, if you were only going to buy one, and pass it down for a generation, you’d pick this one. It’s bomber. Superior performance.

Traditional shovels don’t provide enough leverage, ergonomics, and few are durable enough to last more than one season. The handles break, the plastic cracks, or the metal bends and curls. Metal shovels have small heads and are heavy, meaning they take forever to clear a path or parking space. Plastic shovels have bigger and lighter heads but are way less durable, so you have to be gentle while using them so they don’t break.

The Alpha Shovel is the ultimate all-terrain multi-shovel tool for all the adventurers, handymen, and just about everyone out there. Merging quality craftsmanship with globally inspired design, we’re bringing you the snow shoveling solution you’ve been looking for.



You can see more information on the DMOS Collective Kickstarter Page.

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