Amazing abandoned places just a hike away

There are so many abandoned sights across the world. Some of them are fascinating, some of them can appear aesthetically amazing, some have a huge amount of history and the story behind many of these seemingly haunted venues can be even more fascinating than just taking a look at them.

Some of them have been abandoned due to natural disasters that plagued the area making it impossible for people to stay, while others have been abandoned due to political strife, war or changes in trade and innovation, all of these beautiful abandoned places have different stories to tell.

There is a beautiful, large yet very empty building in Warsaw which used to play host to gasworks and was first opened in the nineteenth century and was severely damaged during World War II, yet later rebuilt but ultimately completely shut down and abandoned in the late twentieth century when Warsaw decided to start using natural gas instead. Today it is a large, empty building yet still a stunning architectural delight to look at.


In Bolivia, there is a beautiful yet eerie looking railway, with some trains still attached to it. What the empty railways with no civilizations surrounding represent, is the unfortunate collapse of the mining industry which served to bring life to the community surrounding the now abandoned train tracks.


One of the more recently abandoned sites is in New Jersey. It is an abandoned roller coaster which was victim to Hurricane Sandy which rocked the Tri-State area not too long ago. The roller coaster used to be at the end of a pier but now it is in the middle of the water as the pier was destroyed by the hurricane.

In Cambodia, there is an absolutely amazing jungle that covers a temple. This is truly a stunning sight to behold as it is a seemingly perfect fusion of nature and manmade stunning places like the temple that it is covering.


These are just a few of the many places that can be found across the globe, some abandoned places have a haunting charm, but for many there’s a stunning mystery with a fascinating story attached to them.

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