Amazing Winter Camping in Canada’s Fundy National Park

Doug Williams

I used to live in Canada, right near to Fundy National park and it’s an amazing place, if you don’t know where it is it’s out on the east coast of new Brunswick, and you can see Nova Scotia across the water of the bay. Umm, I think a trip back is in order…

Umm, I think a trip back is in order… Maybe we can move the Outdoor Revival Office there for a few months!

As we all know Winter and Canada are two things one and the same.  If you wish to take your family outdoors, with a little bit of planning, you will have loads of fun.  Fundy National Park opened its new campground on New Year’s Eve and is hoping to entice people that are seeking to have some winter fun.


You don’t need too much gear to go to Fundy National Park as the park is offering three types of accommodation for those who wish to celebrate with less hassle this year.  They have yurts, otentiks (something between a tent and a cabin), and rustic cabins.  It is part of the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

For those who visit Fundy in summer, the park management is hoping that some will be inspired to see the park in all its winter glory too.

The prices are lower in winter, with yurts available at $100.00 a night.  These are close to the visitor center and are for those who wish to experience a more relaxed holiday adventure.  They have stoves inside for heating and cooking.

Otentiks are priced at $90.00 per night, and you will find that these are also close to the visitor center.  For those a little hardier there are the cabins for $70.00 a night and these you can get to on the snowshoeing trails heading deeper into the park.  They have wood fires to cook on and keep you warm.

Both the yurts and otentiks are insulated and hold the heat well, but it won’t be as comfortable as your home.  You are out in the wilderness.  The cabins are not insulated, and if the fire goes out, they can become quite chilly.  For any of these accommodation options, a sleeping pad and winter rated sleeping bag is a must.


You are out in the wilderness and the cabins are not insulated, so you need to keep the fire in, if it goes out it’s going to get quite chilly.  For any of these accommodation options, a sleeping pad and winter rated sleeping bag is a must.

The aim of the park is to give a broader range of people an experience out in the wilderness in winter.  With what they are offering you don’t need survival skills, just common sense.  You also don’t need a lot of gear, and for those who would like to try the snowshoeing, cross country skiing, biking, tobogganing, and skating, gear can be rented in Moncton and Halifax, both nearby – or if you have it bring your own.

The winter camping starts on New Year’s Eve and runs for 12 weeks only so you’re good to the end of March.  Interest has been high so do ring ahead and make sure accommodation is available.  Winter in Fundy National Park is looking like it’s going to be spectacular this year.

Bay of Fundy

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