Army of beautiful Monarch butterflies cover an incredible 10 acres of a Mexican Mountain

Doug Williams
Monarch butterflies in Mexico by Joel Sartore
Monarch butterflies in Mexico by Joel Sartore

Recent studies have shown that the monarch butterflies considered as the flag bearer of the butterfly species, is on a decline and that the population is facing serious threats from changing climates around the globe.

However, the Mexican government in association with country’s best biologists have been trying to encourage the butterfly conservations, and the efforts have been paid many folds after seeing the results of the conservation causing a large number of these colourful creatures to gather in gratitude.

The butterflies that reach Mexico migrate from U.S. going through Canada and then landing in the west of Mexico City to spend the winter. The mountain has become a mecca for the migrating butterflies; biologists also flock to the area to count and analyse the behaviour of the monarch butterflies. In order to witness the amazing sight with a flow of endless butterfly army, you can visit the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacán state.

According to the biologists studying the influx of butterflies to the Mexico City Mountain, since 2014 they observed a dramatic increase in the number of butterflies visiting the site. Researchers have also claimed that despite the journey from the US being 3,400 miles long the number of butterflies reaching the Mexico City has touched new heights; an increase never observed for decades.

In 2013 the butterflies covered a mere 1.66 acres of land, which increased to 2.8 acres the following year. However, this year the army of butterflies covered a whopping 10 acres of the land attracting the attention of biologists around the globe.

Just a few years ago the lack of hospitable habitat for the monarch butterflies in the region caused a sudden decrease in the butterfly population which in turn raised the alarm of the regional extinction of the species.

However, with the amazing turn of events, the old butterfly route is now fully restored and is fully functional with thousands of butterflies making the migration over thousands of miles from US to Mexico.

Biologists believe that one of the factors that greatly contributed to the increase of the Monarch butterflies’ population and the consequent migration, is a change in the U.S. policy towards the wellbeing of butterflies. U.S has reintroduced the milkweed that is believed to be an essential plant facilitating monarch butterflies’ migration.

The friendly plant now grows on a land mass of 1,160 square miles after a half a decade of plantation and introduction of adequate pesticide-free regions. More efforts are now needed to preserve the route and enable the steady migration of the butterflies; with the site potentially turning into a tourist haven as well as a biological study centre.



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