Awesome Floating Platform Keeps you Safe and Dry While Fishing

Have you ever had water leaked in your boat? Feet and kit getting wet? And how many times have you wanted to go to the middle of the lake to fish but you couldn’t because your boat is not all that steady?

Well now you will never have to worry about wet feet an unstable boat or a lack of space. All that could be a thing of the past thanks to the folks at a Dutch company called Raptorboats, they have created a one of a kind floating platform that just rocks.


The platform is a huge modular floating fishing platform which can me transformed and configurated by your needs. There is enough space for you to pack and load everything you need for your fishing trip, from fishing gear, to food and clothes, and even sleeping bags and chairs.


In the middle of the platform there are tent mounts, so you could set up a tent and rest while you are waiting for you next big bite.  Because of the mounts there’s plenty of options for fixing down most tents and gear so it’s a very versatile platform.



The company makes 3 different sizes of the platform, each of them with different price range, from Medium platform costing 1260$, Large 2000$ and Extra-large 2635$.

The Extra-large platform is composed of:

  • airdeck part of 6.5ft at 6.5ft and 8in thick (4 pieces)
  • tube section with a diameter of 19.6in


  • handles around
  • top and bottom Airdeck finished with an additional layer of PVC
  • 15 d included rings for attaching a bivy / oval
  • tube section consisting of four air chambers with pressure relief valve
  • total weight +/- 264lb
  • size 16.4 x 16.4 feet
  • carry weight 220lb per ft2

Via – Raptorboats Website




According to the team at Raptorboats, the platform is made out of a very strong and extra durable materials with 5 layers of pvc in 1100 decitex. Around the platform there are tubes that keep the balance of the platform, and the main deck is made entirely of “air deck material”, which is made out of hundreds of thousands of threads that are made with only one purpose, to hold an enormous pressure and load without having the problems with deforming.

This technique is used on many stand up paddle boards, but in this case the platform is much more thicker. With this build the platform guaranties stability when walking on the edge and moving around, and it can carry up to 3500lb.


With many separate air chambers the design itself allows the platform to have more stability and to have more precaution to keep it from sinking, and it is much more stronger and durable then the regular inflatable boat.

The company stated that they are going to constantly upgrade and improve their product, and they are ensuring that the next model will be even more amazing.  heck, I’d be happy with this just as a diving platform, it’s great!

If you are interested for more information, you can take a look at the official Facebook Page of Raptorboats.


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