Awesome Video Of Killer Whales Working Together

Paul Pinkerton

Here’s another video from the amazing Nikki van Schyndel aka Daisy Crocket. In this video, she’s taken a couple of visiting friends out onto the bay so they can get a feel for where she lives and boy don’t they just.

I imagine that their experiences will stay with them for their whole lives, they’ll tell their grandchildren about the time they spent with the famous Daisy Crocket.

What’s amazing is that she’s managed to carve all this out of the wilderness mostly by herself, it’s an amazing achievement, and it goes to show that if you’ve got your heart set on something we still live in a world that you can get out there and make it happen, it’s inspirational.


I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. If you don’t like animals being killed, even by other animals, then don’t watch the end of the video. However, if you are ok with it then it will help you understand nature, how it works and our place in it.

What a great video and it goes to show that there’s a good number of people that live a life much closer to nature than we might think.

Nikki van Schyndel

Adventurer – Wilderness Guide – Expert Tracker & Primitive Survivalist
Tired of waiting for her plane to crash or a worldwide technical disaster to create a real-life survival emergency, Nikki paid someone to abandon her on a deserted island in the wilderness for nearly two years, testing her skills and learning the truths of survival. From dream home to lean-to, diamonds to bear claws, Nikki shares this incredible journey in her bestselling book Becoming Wild.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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