How to Become Wild by Daisy Crocket

We’re grateful to the amazing Nikki van Schyndel (aka Daisy Crocket) for sharing some of her life and adventures with us here on Outdoor Revival.


So what does it really mean to Become Wild?

I discovered the true meaning of becoming wild while surviving off the land for 18 months and I’m happy to say, I stayed that way. When I first returned from the wilderness, many of my wild ways were not welcoming, suitable or advantageous to living in the modern world. I’m not talking wholly about re-learning table manners or crosswalk protocols, though that did take some time, I couldn’t find my bliss, my peace inside anymore. I felt my freedom closing in on me. It took me many years to find my balance, but I’m thrilled to say I have finally figured out how to live in both worlds with all my wildness intact, because I believe Becoming Wild is the key to perfect happiness and to creating the lives we were meant to live.


The wilderness brought me back to the primal, divine roots of humanity, which has not only enriched my life in the modern world, but has shown me the real solution to healing and raising the consciousness of our planet.

By becoming wild, we give ourselves the freedom to live who we truly are. By restoring our lost connection to the natural world, we re-develop our intuition, illuminating our true source of power within. This allows us to stand in a place of open, non-judgmental awareness.
Having a wild heart allows us to live a life of true-hearted joy, with truth and integrity. It’s an authentic life, fully embracing vulnerability.

When you become wild, we can lose the “should’s” in life and choose love over fear, replacing worry with faith.
It encompasses all levels of your being:

physical: heightened senses
mental: strength of mind, determination, adaptation, will power, manifestation, self-confidence, self-reliance

spiritual: accurate intuition, filled with thankfulness, seeing life as sacred, unity consciousness, connection to the spirit that moves through all things.


Becoming Wild is about passion, an excitement for life, bold courage, and unyielding persistence. It’s a sheer ecstasy for life – the life we think to create. When we step into this knowing, we naturally align with purpose.

It’s the feeling of Truly Living – It’s why I never left the wilderness when I could, despite all the hardships, suffering and pain.

Becoming Wild is not about returning to the old ways, I have heated flooring in my room in the city and love going to the spa, being wild is a youthful, alive mindset and it’s about merging the best of our new technologies with the spirit of the past. Powerful change on our planet will happen with the opening of a wild heart. When we give ourselves the freedom to be all of who we are and we hold this state of bliss, we shine with a joy that unconsciously gives permission for others to do the same. In this way, we become a powerful catalyst for deep, lasting internal change.

I know we don’t have to run off to the wilderness to discover the secrets of the natural world, the wild is within and when it seems difficult to connect with, we can find it in any backyard or city park.

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Nikki van Schyndel (aka Daisy Crocket), ventured out into the wilds of British Columbia 12 years ago to live her childhood dream of surviving off the land with primitive tools, she was there for a year and a half completely immersed in the wilderness, since then she’s found her balance, now living in a cabin she built and having a few modern conveniences she is still living in the wilderness, she is blogging, vlogging and working hard to survive in a beautiful place that makes her happy.  She’s also the author of  the best selling book ‘Becoming Wild’ about her experiences learning to survive and ultimately thrive along the rugged, isolated rainforest of British Columbia.


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