Boots for New Zealand Conditions – Probably Any Conditions

Boots are a hard subject to address, it’s easy enough to give an opinion but everyone has a different fit and often different needs.

In this video by Bryan Ritchie he uses his extensive experience and his work as a fur trapper to try out boots, he’s been through many different pairs from $600 boots to cheap boots and he’s finally come up with what works for him.

He’s base din New Zealnad and the conditions there through the season are quite alike North Americ and Europe, wet and cold in winter, warmer and drier in summer, rocks, rivers, woodland and much more throughout the year.

He’s settled on a boot crampon combination and he finds it a lot more stable than he thought he would, he was worried that he’d not have a lot of grip on rocks and in rivers etc but that’s not the case, the combination works well and he’s been using it for over 6 months.

We go through boots here at Outdoor Revival, some we wear for a long time, others for a short time depending on reviews and other commitments and what our personal preference is, having someone wearing boots for work long term is valuable for a true review of kit and equipment.

When you’re buying boots make sure that you get the right size and a good fit, if it’s for cold weather you might need some extra room in the boot so buy a half size or size up so you can accommodate a thicker more than one pair of socks.

If your boot is too tight you’ll not allow for circulation and you’ll feel the cold a lot more and especially in the winter that’s to be avoided.

Thanks to Bryan and Sue for sharing their lives and their adventures from their Blog Gone Bush based In Newzealand with us here at Outdoor Revival.

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