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"NE16," the eaglet in the picture, hatched yesterday LIVE on the American Eagle Foundation's Northeast Florida Eagle Cam (NEFL). Its soon-to-be-sibling, "NE17," pipped (cracked) through its eggshell this morning and should hatch over the next 24-48 hours.

The World Famous LIVE DC Eagle Cam Will Launch on New Years Eve…But in the Meantime, Watch an Eaglet Hatch and Join Its day-old Sibling Inside Florida’s “Romeo” & “Juliet” Nest Right Now!

Earlier this year, the world fell in love with watching eagle pair “Mr. President” & “The First Lady” LIVE on while they raised their eagle family (eaglets “Liberty” & “Freedom”) atop a Tulip poplar tree within the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington DC.

With over 60 million views during the 5-month nest-viewing season, it quickly became one of the most popular live animal cams on the Internet.


Hundreds of thousands of eagle nest cam fans have been waiting anxiously for these live-streaming video cams to go live again in 2017 and will now be happy to know that they won’t have to wait much longer! The launch date for the DC Eagle Cam has been set to take place on New Years Eve!

Even still, viewers will have to wait several months before any fuzzy little eaglets make an appearance inside the Arboretum nest.

Therefore, the non-profit American Eagle Foundation (AEF) would like to announce that eagle lovers and fanatics can start getting their “eaglet fix” right now by watching another one of the AEF’s well-known and beloved LIVE Eagle Cams (

In Northeast Florida, 80 feet up in the air inside a Slash Pine tree, eagle parents “Romeo” and “Juliet” have welcomed their 16th eaglet (“NE16”) into the world and are currently waiting for their 17th eaglet (“NE17”) to join them in the nest!

The nesting pair laid two eggs in November, the first one on Veterans Day and the second one soon afterwards on the day of the Super Moon.


NE16, the first eaglet, “pipped” (cracked a hole in its shell from the inside) on December 16th at 5:44 p.m. EST and fully emerged from its egg over 40 hours later on December 18th at 10:27 a.m. EST.

The second eaglet, NE17, pipped through its eggshell this morning, first seen on the LIVE cams around 6:44 a.m. EST. Viewers can catch all the action and watch NE17 hatch over the next 24-48 hours by visiting right now!

NOTE: The NEFL Eagle Cam is a separate entity from the DC Eagle Cam and is run solely by the American Eagle Foundation. The DC Eagle Cam is part of a cooperative effort between the AEF, the U.S. National Arboretum, and other partners, as shown below.

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) is a non‑profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to care for, restore, and protect the Bald Eagle and other birds of prey. For 31 years, the AEF has been carrying out its mission through Education, Repopulation, Conservation, & Rehabilitation. This public charity is headquartered at the Dollywood family theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Its famous Bald Eagle “Challenger” has performed free‑flight demonstrations at more than 400 events across the U.S. over the past 21 years, all in an effort to educate and inspire the public. Learn more at

In 2015, American Eagle Foundation staff traveled to D.C. to install state-of-the-art cameras, infrared lighting, and other related equipment in-and-around the nest tree with the help of volunteers and experienced tree climbers. The USDA’s U.S. National Arboretum ran a half-mile of fiber optic cable to the cameras’ ground control station, which connects the cameras to the internet. The entire system is powered by a large mobile solar array (containing several deep cycle batteries) that was designed and built by students and staff from Alfred State CollegeSUNY College of Technology and was partially funded by the Department of Energy and Environment. USNA has implemented a backup generator that will kick in if prolonged inclement weather causes the solar array to provide insufficient power to the system.


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