Bruder manufacture revolutionary off road expedition trailers for the modern adventurer.

Inside and outside the design adapts seamlessly to what you require and the conditions you face. The EXP-6 will accommodate you with comfort and ease, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors like never before.

The EXP-6 is sporty and dynamic and won’t slow you down like wide bulky caravans do. It is nimble off-road and with its carefully considered dimensions you won’t need extended mirrors to see around it or worry about fitting it down narrow tracks and trails. Leave the “off-road” caravans to the crowds and find a secluded spot all to yourself.

When you arrive at your destination the EXP-6 will level out and adjust it’s height to suit the terrain of your location at the press of a button. Whether you’re tall or short, you also have over 300mm of adjustments at your fingertips, putting everything within easy reach.

Every aspect of the EXP-6 has been built for a purpose. The look, the shape, and the size are all deliberate. From the outside it looks tough, and it is. It looks strong, and it is. But it is also light, desirable and luxurious.

An off-road trailer should be capable of going off-road. At Bruder we know from experience how tight outback tracks and trails can get so the narrower body but wide wheel track of the EXP-6 gives greater control. This makes towing a stress-free experience, with no need for extended rear vision mirrors or worrying about passing road trains – the EXP-6 has been designed for off road travel in every sense.

The exterior of the EXP-6 is extremely versatile. It is designed to blend inside and outside living together seamlessly while maximising space and shelter. With huge storage spaces as well as dedicated storage for smaller items, say goodbye to clutter and mess.

It’s overall stance and dimensions are streamlined to produce less drag, at less than 2m wide the EXP-6 can fit down narrow tracks and trails as well as significantly increasing efficiency and improving fuel economy of the tow vehicle.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy the pleasures of exploring a secluded forest in the winter snow or the sun and heat of summer on a secluded beach, the interior of the EXP-6 will keep you in absolute comfort. The beauty of the design is its adaptability, allowing you quick and convenient access to niceties that you enjoy at home. Storage is abundant allowing you to segregate items how you choose and avoid clutter.

Enjoy relaxing on the lounge area watching a movie in full HD on a TV, which can swivel to be seen from outside, or from on the queen-sized bed. Or relax reading a book with the dedicated bedside storage area and adjustable reading lights. Enjoy the huge sense of space and light thanks to windows on both sides, which come with two blinds that can be pulled down depending on light. You can also relax looking up at the stars through the ceiling window


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival