Camping Helps With Your Planning Skills and Reliance on Technology

With so many reality television shows in this day and age exploring a person’s ability to survive in the wild, it is no wonder that so many more people are actively interested in camping and testing their survival skills.

So many people have become reliant on modern technology and the ease and comfort that it has brought to life and general survival, It means that camping is a great way in which a person can get back to basics and see just how well they would be able to survive without modern luxuries and technologies.


Camping helps you to plan ahead and think of what you would need when you don’t have modern luxuries; this is why many campers are more prepared in the case of emergency.


Here are some things that any person can learn from camping that will help them become a better planner.

When a person is planning to go camping they not only have to plan where and when to camp but they also have to plan what supplies to take so they’re comfortable, while also having the necessities they need. It truly teaches a person how to be prepared for just about anything between adequate clothing and necessary food and water.


There is also a difference between the short term and long term preparation. A person who camps often will know what is an absolute necessity for even the short term and what is only needed for long term, this is another essential thing to be aware of in order be a good planner because some things that you are going to think are necessary are simply going to be superfluous for short term trips yet will be fairly essential for longer term stays.

Water, Water, everywhere… Every camper knows that water is one of the most essential items that need planning for and is something that can simply not be done without even for a short time, especially if we’re physically active.

An important thing that campers are definitely aware of is what they need as opposed to what they simply want. Many times a person who is so reliant on modern technology does not have the ability to adequately distinguish between what is a need and what is a want.


A need is something that is necessary for survival, yet a want is something that would just make it more convenient or comfortable and somebody that camps often knows that comfort is something that often goes by the wayside in order to make room for the absolute necessities.

Hygiene is something that is also clearly harder to deal with while camping, particularly without easy access to modern plumbing such as a shower or a toilet, but a frequent camper will not be turned off by this.


They are aware of what they need to do to stay clean enough and remain healthy, they know how to go to the bathroom, as well as not mess up their campsite while addressing basic needs.

Campers often know how to use what nature provides for them as well, whether it is for shelter or food. A person who often camps and considers themselves to be one with nature will know how to best utilize the natural resources.

Being prepared for anything and putting aside modern technology is a challenge for many people, camping can certainly help enhance any of those skills and help you be more prepared for a simpler life in general.

So go out camping and use these skills to make your life a little simpler and focus more on the needs that you have as opposed to the creature comforts afforded by modern technology that so many people have become accustomed to.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival