Camping in the Cold – Here Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind.

Doug Williams


Nearly everyone loves camping, it is a way to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can be a great way to relax, far away from an increasingly modernized world.

I know that us here at Outdoor Revival HQ love to get a few nights under the stars, it’s good for the soul and helps reconnect us to the world.

For these reasons and more, it is becoming an even more popular leisure activity. Camping when it is really cold can still be tons and tons of fun because of the challenge.


When it is really cold, there are certain things that you are going to need to keep in mind when you’re out there under canvas, as they say (I think it’s just that it sounds better than ‘Under Polyester’ or Nylon!)

Anyhow, here are some of the tips for any of you that have decided to go camping in the colder weather. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time, and then come and tell us about it.

First of all make sure you plan it out, where you’re going, what you’re going to do, how you’re getting there, what you’re going to need and what do you do if something goes wrong. We’ve got loads of articles on Outdoor Survival about planning so we’re going to move on…

Be sure to dress properly. It’s all about layering – If you are going to be moving around a lot, then you should bring less clothing. If there are long periods of inactivity, then it will be harder for you to stay warm longer.

After considering this, you should bring layers accordingly. It is important to keep your extremities (hands and feet) and head warm because those are the most important parts of the body that ensure that the rest of the body stays at an adequate temperature.


You need to be sure that you do not overlook the importance of protecting your hands. Choose the right gloves, which I know can be hard as there’s so many to chose from, but at the most basic they should be warm enough to keep your hands comfortable even at freezing temperatures.

You can wear a combination of a liner glove and a main glove; mittens are also good cold weather clothing. Some gloves also have slots for heating pads that you can buy relatively cheaply, these can make life more comfortable.

If you’re colder than expected wear your clothes to bed. When it is very cold, it is important that you don’t strip down inside your sleeping bag as you normally would in warmer weather.

It is very important that you stay warm while sleeping. Being constantly woken by a shivering body will ruin your trip, and make you tired which could impact how you deal with the cold the next day, your activities and your safety, as well as put you at risk of hypothermia.

Stay properly hydrated while camping in cold weather. In the cold, you are less likely to drink or feel like drinking, particularly compared to when it is hot out. If it is too cold to want to drink cold water, you should still hydrate by drinking a warm beverage such, as tea or hot chocolate, so that you can stay both warm and hydrated.

Fire is something that is also important to keep in mind. When you arrive at your campsite, one of your priorities should be setting up the fire, particularly if there’s going to be people there that are not being active, they will cool down very quickly.

It is important that you plan ahead and pack all of the necessary items you need to making a fire. A lot will depend on how confident you are and the resources available in the area you’re camping, matches may be fine or you might want a lighter, tinder and kindling that you have prepared before leaving. A small amount of excellent can be useful, a little BBQ lighter fluid or a natural tinder block can help get you started.

Also, be ready for condensation: breathing in a warm tent on a cold night results in the formation of condensation on the tent surfaces. It will also most likely be snowing, so you need to be sure that sleeping bags are dried out the next morning. You can vent your tent at night so that the condensation is limited and therefore the tent and everything in it will stay drier.

Camping in the winter time is an amazing thing for anyone to partake in, as it can be quite relaxing and peaceful. Make sure that you plan and think about what you want out of your camp out. Remember, camping out in the cold is different than in the spring or summer, it can be harder work but also more rewarding.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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