CampMaid Complete Outdoor Cooking System

We love food cooked in our Dutch ovens but we recognize that they’re not always the best thing to cook in due to time, weight, space, etc so anything that helps us overcome these things is brilliant for us and if it’s brilliant for us it’s likely to be brilliant for a lot of people.

We’ve seen some Campmaid products around for the last while but they’ve just bought out a new one which is a folding charcoal chimney, that’s got me looking at the whole range again and so I thought I’d share it with you all.

This is information is from the CampMaid Indiegogo page:


Compact & converts into a portable smoker, pizza oven, griddle, grill, steamer & more!

CampMaid is the Award Winning “Swiss Army Knife of Grills” – A Compact Outdoor Cooking System that converts into a portable smoker, pizza oven, griddle, steamer, grill, serving stand, and more for Scouts, Camping, Emergency Preparedness, Tailgating, Beach Cookouts, Hunting, River Rafting, Urban Picnics, Backyard BBQ’s, and more!

Camping and Outdoor Adventures – the entire system allows for much more creative gourmet meal options in addition to just cooking in a Dutch Oven. Frying on the griddle provides an additional use for your Dutch oven lid.


Trading Posts, Leave-no-Trace Advocates – CampMaid designs all products with this goal in mind which is why troop leaders and scout trainers have voiced tremendous accolades about these new and exciting leave-no-trace outdoors cooking products.

Scouts – Teaching our youth the importance of leaving the smallest footprint in our environment as possible is a top priority for Scout Troops.


Beach Cookouts, BBQ in Parks, Picnics, Backyards – CampMaid’s goal is to allow everyone to cook anywhere, safely and efficiently. The features like CampMaid’s Pizza Oven are a family favorite and the hit of the party at any family/friends event.

Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Off-the-Grid – Experienced preppers know how important it is to be able to not only survive, but thrive in a disaster scenario that includes loss of power and gas. With the CampMaid Grab-and-Go Complete Outdoor Cooking System you can cook anything, anywhere, with any fuel source.


Hunting and Fishing – Quiet, lightweight and portable is key for hunting and fishing. Being able to smoke your meats and fish right after being caught is easy and efficient.

Backpacking, River Running, Back-country – the goal is to pack the least amount of lightweight gear, especially cooking options. Leaving the heavy Dutch oven at home, you can just take the lightweight Flip Grill with the Grab-and-Hold device, which turns your cooking options into a portable smoker and grill.

Tailgating, Sports Gatherings, RV Parks, Off-road Adventure – At sports gatherings the focus should be on the game, not inconvenient cooking so CampMaid’s system makes it easy for fans to throw the entire Outdoor Cooking System in-a-bag in your truck and show up at the party ready to quickly cook. Breaking down to get to the game on time has never been quicker, easier, cleaner and more compact.


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