The Chameleon Cap – Color-Changing Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Chameleon Cap, the revolutionary new cap that changes color while protecting wearers from harmful UV rays, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

With the increasing popularity of outdoor lifestyles and physical activity come the risks of increased UV radiation.  There are many products available that protect the consumer including UV umbrellas, outerwear and sunscreens.

The Chameleon Cap takes these products one step further with a patented fabric technology that changes color while protecting wearers from harmful radiation from the sun.

“The idea for the chameleon cap came to me a few years ago.  The anti-UV material of the conventional anti-UV product is coated on the clothing material, however, the anti-UV material is likely to be removed from the surface of clothing, consequently, some of such products actually cannot offer protection,” says the inventor. “I noticed a friend’s eye glasses changing color while walking outside.

It dawned on me that it might be possible to create a fiber with similar qualities. A fiber that could provide the user with visible UV protection from the sun.”

Once exposed to UV radiation from the sun, the color of the Chameleon Anti UV cap changes in seconds. The Chameleon Anti UV Cap, made of recyclable fibers, offers visual protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.  The cap changes color within five seconds of being exposed to the sun, instantly allowing the wearer to observe the anti UV fabric doing what it was intended to do, protect the wearer.

The Chameleon Cap’s UV protection will remain intact and continue to work even after countless washes. This is because the color changeable dye is fully integrated into the fibers. The Anti UV Fibers used to make the Chameleon Cap also decompose into carbon and hydrogen naturally and won’t produce toxic gases when incinerated making the cap incredibly durable and environmentally friendly.

The Chameleon Cap is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

“Our Color-Changeable Fabric is like no other available.  The UV protection material is immersed into the fibers (instead of coating on surface) giving the user a durable and long lasting product,” adds the inventor. “You walk into the sunlight and the color changing fabric shows you it’s protecting you from the sun.”

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