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I love my waterproof rucksack, and I use it a lot, after all, it’s bomb proof as well as waterproof. When I’m heading off and don’t have too much to carry it’s the ideal bag to grab. The only downside I have is that it’s just a bag so things can bounce around in it.

The only downside I have is that it’s just a bag so things can bounce around in it.

This waterproof pack from Charles Kelly looks just the job for giving me waterproofing and organization in the bag, that’s an attractive proposition.


When I’m back and forward to the outdoor Revival HQ, a decent bag is a must and besides, who doesn’t like some new kit!

Waterproof, Theft-Proof, Tech-Ready – the world’s most versatile, functional waterproof bags.

Code 10 backapcks are world’s ultimate waterproof bags. Fully Waterproof, Theft-proof and tech ready, they’re the last backpack you’ll ever need.

Code 10 was founded by Charlie + Chris, two product designers from the UK and Switzerland. We met whilst working in Hong Kong a city where your working life and the outdoors blend together. We both love to travel, surf and spend our time adventuring.

Code 10 Backpacks are fully waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor activities, commuting and travel. The roll-down design is fast and easy to use and prevents water from entering at the top of the backpack.


We’ve used a special TPU-Coated Fabric (PVC-free), which is 100% impenetrable to moisture. Rather than using a conventional stitching method, all seams on the bag are welded using a special high-frequency method, which makes the backpacks more durable and prevents any moisture leakage.

We designed the Code 10 Backpack to be theft-proof. The roll down design prevents pickpockets from accessing the main compartment of the backpack, and can be locked if necessary.

If you’re leaving the backpack unattended, the bag itself can be secured to almost any fixed object using the integrated steel wire and combination lock, making it impossible for opportunistic thieves to access your belongings or steal the bag, without special cutting equipment. Perfect for when you want to leave your stuff and go for a swim at the beach!

Love it or loathe it, our tech products are now essential to our daily lives. We designed a removable tech sleeve that can accommodate all your daily tech products, so you can work anywhere! The tech sleeve uses Velcro to attach inside the backpack and is quick and easy to remove.

If you’re carrying other heavy backpacks or suitcases and don’t want to have our backpack on your back, our smart strap system allows you to convert the backpack into a messenger bag. The main straps can be hidden inside the back panel of the bag and replaced with the included shoulder strap. When the straps have been hidden, the backpack can also be attached to a suitcase.


You can see more information on the Code 10 – Waterproof, Lockable Backpack on the Indiegogo page. Where you can purchase your very own Code 10 Pack.

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