Cookin’ It With Kix

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Kix Brooks
Kix Brooks

Cookin’ It With Kix: The Art of Celebrating and the Fun of Outdoor Cooking.

Many of you know Kix Brooks as half of the award-winning duo Brooks & Dunn and also for his solo successes such as New To This Town and Bring It On Home. He’s also known for his Cooking Channel show “Steak Out with Kix Brooks” and has lead him to producing his won cookbook called “Cookin’ It With Kix: The Art of Celebrating and the Fun of Outdoor Cooking.”

The personal book includes over 120 recipes showcasing Kix’s passion for all types of outdoor cooking, oftentimes with a flare of his Louisiana heritage, highlighted in family recipes alongside personal stories. From side dishes to desserts, cocktails to hot sauces, and duck gumbo to beignets, Brooks has created the perfect collection for get-togethers and easy entertaining. (URL)

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In the introduction to the book, Kix writes; ‘This book is as much about the ‘experience’ of eating as it is about cooking,’
‘I don’t claim to be a chef, and if you bought this book, chances are you’re not a chef either, but we don’t have to be.’ I for one find this reassuring, it’s always good to know we’re all in it together, it gives you that confidence that you’ll get something out of the book that you can use in your own kitchen and out in the yard cooking for friends.

Much of Kix’s motivation for the book seems to be his enjoyment of life and great memories that surround food and meal times; he said that they never hunted anything they didn’t eat which is a great way of living, and that’s reflected in this book.

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It’s a book that’s not just about food but also his life and the significant things in it; it’s a combination of bright, colorful cookbook and biography that actually works very well. Even the squirrel stew sounds delicious.

Cookin’ It With Kix is available from all good bookstores.


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