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By Stef Zisovska
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Sleeping on an airplane is a luxury, especially if you are not a frequent flyer. If you travel in economy class like most of the people do, then having a comfortable sleep is equal to impossible. It’s hot, then it’s cold; it’s noisy, the person next to you snores, there is not enough space for your legs, or even worse, you’re sitting in the middle between two snoring people. What a nightmare, right? Well, things are not necessarily always as bad. Depending on the time and the date of your flight, you’ll maybe find a couple of free seats and make yourself a comfy bed out of them. Sleeping on an airplane can become real if you follow these cool tips that will help you relax and enjoy your flight.


Book a window seat

Book a window seat

When you’re purchasing a plane ticket, make sure you get a window seat, so you don’t have to get up everytime your seat neighbor wants to go to the restroom. If you are a person who doesn’t move much during sleep, then as soon as you find a comfortable position on your window seat means that you can sleep during the entire flight undisturbed.

Choose a flight time that will make you fall asleep right away

It’s very important to choose the right flight time that’s matching your natural sleeping time, so you don’t have problems sleeping when the time comes.


Earplugs and eye mask

Earplugs are a great way to cancel the noise from other passengers

Airplane crowd can be noisy and distracting, so make sure you pack a pair of good-quality earplugs and an eye mask that will help you shut out all the noise and light around you. These two necessary items will help you create a quiet environment for your flight sleep.

Noise-canceling headphones

If the environment around you becomes extremely noisy and there are babies crying all over the airplane, you might want to get headphones on top of your earplugs and create a double sound-proof protection.

Soothing music for a good airplane sleep

Make a playlist with a soothing music

Make sure your music choice will help you eliminated all the unwanted noise and helps you fall asleep without a problem. Whether your playlist contains classical music or light jazz sounds, you shouldn’t have problems falling into a deep sleep after a couple of minutes.

If you’re lucky – you’ll get an empty row to yourself

Some international flights are not too crowded, depending on the season. So, it doesn’t hurt to ask the flight attendants if there is an empty row where you can stretch your legs and make yourself an improvised bed. Mentioning your painful back always helps!

One beer or one glass of wine

A glass of wine

Be careful with this one because getting drunk on a plane is not fun at all. What works perfectly when it comes to drinking and airplanes is having one beer or one glass of wine that will provide additional relaxation to your body and put you to sleep in a gentle way.

A neck pillow is a must

There is no such thing as a good sleep without a good pillow! Neck pillows are awesome and having one on an airplane is an absolute must. Providing a neck support is crucial for a good-quality sleep, so don’t forget to bring a nice pillow on board.

Soft scarf

Scarfs can be used in many situations

Find a scarf that you can use in multiple situations. Wrap it around your neck when it gets cold, use it as a blanket, wrap it around your shoulders to provide a cozy sensation whenever you’re ready to sleep. A large cashmere scarf will become your best travel companion if you use it wisely. Covering your eyes with it is even better than wearing an eye mask.


What better way to get cozy than a hoodie

Nothing’s better than a hoodie when it comes to airplane travels. You can use it to cover your legs when your cold, or even better, block all the noises and lights and cover your head. No matter how long your flight is, a hoodie should be the basic part of your wardrobe.


Maybe you don’t believe in this kind of things, but few drops of lavender oil on your neck will help you calm down and relax fast. As soon as your nervous system is relaxed, you are ready to go to bed.


Warm your feet with comfy socks

A pair of comfy warm socks is one more detail you need to add to your personalized sleeping gear. Having your feet warm is another sensation that you need when falling asleep. Airplanes can be cold, so warming your feet is the best thing you can do to help yourself. Don’t forget to put your shoes back on when going to the toilet!

Use your carry-on as a leg support

If you have to be on an airplane for 10 hours, then you won’t feel good if your legs hang all the time. Therefore use your carry-on to lift your legs and find a more comfortable position for them while you sleep.

Sleeping on an airplane is maybe not the most desirable thing in the world, but it can definitely be comfy sometimes. Good luck!

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