The Dirty Phil – A Bike Ride Extravaganza

This one is mainly for our Canadian Brothers and Sisters unless you’re up for traveling to British Columbia and then it’s open to all people. It looks to be a ride and a half.

A throw-back to the days when you rode your bike for the pure joy of…Riding your bike. This is a chance to test your legs, test your banter and enjoy an elevated level of gravel adventure. From the time you arrive at The Dirty Phil. the focus is on the rider experience. Get ready for the most fun you’ve had on two-wheels!

Registration now open for mixed terrain ride from Kelowna, BC to Penticton, BC.


Message from Dirty Phil.

Dirty Phil. Here. I realize this is a little bit unorthodox, but Dirty Phil. writes his own press releases.

Registration is now open for you to join me in on Saturday, June 17, 2017, in my neck of the woods, Kelowna, British Columbia for The Dirty Phil. It’s Canada’s Premier Gravel Fondo (if I don’t say so myself) and it’s going to be a throwback to the days when you rode your bike for the pure joy of riding your bike. To me, that’s every day. If you want to test your legs, test your banter and have some fun on gravel, this is the event for you.

The guys at NTSQ Sports have been bugging me to get involved in an event for a while and when they finally offered to name it after me, I agreed. Depending on your expertise, you can ride The Little Phil (100km with 1343m of elevation) or The Big Phil (171km with 2090m of elevation). Whichever one you choose, you’re going to have fun. How do I know? Because, whichever Phil. you choose you’ll ride mixed terrain including smooth fire trails, single track, pavement, grass and dirt!



And that’s not to mention the complimentary food and beer at the pre- and post-race parties. I’ll make a fashionably late entrance, I promise.

Usually, here I’d insert a quote from NTSQ Sports founder Travis McKenzie, but I’m going to quote Dirty Phil. (myself) instead. “This event is about capturing the unbridled joy we all experience when we ride our bikes. From the time you arrive, the focus is on the rider experience, because it is you, the riders, that make the event,” says Dirty Phil. “I believe in this race so much that I let the trail go past my house” he adds.


You’ll have to hurry, as registration is limited and it will sell out. Sign up at and make sure you follow us on Instagram @dirtyphilgf.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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