The easiest way to keep your family bug free throughout your camping trip

When you make plans for a camping trip, your mind runs wild with all of the wonderful things you can do during your weekend away outdoors.

The opportunities for having a great time seem endless once you throw a lake or river into the mix and, after searching for activities to do around the area, it’s time to book. The plans are set in stone and it’s time to get the family ready for takeoff. The car is packed and everyone is pumped to hit the road to start the great adventure.

As the vehicle rolls up to the campsite, everything looks perfect. It’s a wonderful camping ground, and the family is prepared to have a fantastic weekend outside. But as everyone is unpacking, all hell breaks loose. The campsite is infested with bugs; mosquitoes, wasps and flies. Things quickly become miserable, and the perfect mini vacation starts spiraling out of control.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem: it’s called the Nemo Bugout.  All it takes is busting out a green tarp that’s about 70 inches long inside of your campsite. The Nemo Bugout has a mesh that allows a part of your campsite to become bug resistant.

This award winning gadget allows you to have the comfort of avoiding bugs while still experiencing the wonderful outdoors. It’s the perfect place for the family to comfortably eat dinner, play cards and relax outside without any problems.

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While there are plenty of ways battle bugs around the campsite, the Nemo Bugout is the only way to guarantee you won’t get barraged with bites throughout your trip. It’ll protect your food, your family and ultimately your peace of mind.

When the family is getting plagued at the campsite, it makes it hard to want to go out and explore the area. But with a safe, bug-free haven, the trip is quickly saved, and becomes an instant classic with the family. While bug bites are pretty unavoidable outdoors, it’s nice to have a place to spend protected after a long day.

After a long day outdoors, the family will be excited to get back to home grounds and spend time together telling stories, playing games and peacefully enjoying the campfire.

The Bugout can provide your family with over 80 feet of shelter from rain and bugs during the down time that comes with spending the weekend outdoors.

The Nemo Bugout conquers the outdoors in the perfect fashion. The roof blocks the downpour of thunderstorms and even when the wind rears its head. The Bugout proved to be the perfect shelter to keep the family cozy. The bug mesh is a brilliant design; blocking bugs, rain and even some of the wind that whips through.

The drawback for the Bugout? You’d wish that you could take it everywhere.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival