Ecomo, the First Smart Water Bottle to Test and Filter Water in Real-time

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Ecomo is a smart water bottle that tests drinking water quality and filters the water whenever necessary. Ecomo includes the world’s smallest TOC (Total Organic Carbon) sensor (patent-pending) along with three other measurements.

The testing results can be seen on a simple tracker or through the Ecomo app on iOS and Android phones. It also includes a patent-pending 3-in-1 filter that quickly removes harmful substances from freshwater sources.

Ecomo launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $50,000 for further production and met their goal within 12 hours of launching.

So far, Ecomo has raised $188,000 in 12 days and the company just announced its stretch goal of $200,000.

“Being able to surpass our funding goal in less than 12 hours has proved to us as a company that Ecomo is doing something that matters,” Ecomo CEO Eric Li said. “This smart bottle is a state-of-the-art drinking water testing device with the functionality and appearance of a water bottle.”

Ecomo’s mission is to provide everyone concerned with drinking water a place where they can receive data regarding their quality of water at anytime.

With Ecomo, when users take a measurement and press the “send” button, the water quality data collected by the app is sent to the Ecomo website and used toward a real-time water quality map. Ecomo plans to get data to cover every community in the United States, and eventually worldwide.

When this data is shared, no specific location data will be revealed and no ransomware will be installed.

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Ecomo is ideal for people who share municipal water supplies, hopefully one bottle in one household can protect everyone in their neighborhood against unexpected sudden pollution of the water source or chemicals leaking/seeping through pipes.

For private well owners, Ecomo can give them peace of mind on a daily basis rather than relying on an annual or bi-annual test(s). For filtration system owners, Ecomo watches the effectiveness of filtration systems. For travelers and backpackers, Ecomo removes most major contaminants in freshwater sources.

Ecomo is first and foremost, a testing device, then an occasional filtration system for travel or leisure and lastly, a personalized hydration reminder as a bonus.

The Ecomo smart water bottle can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter starting at $129. To learn more or to pre-order, please visit



Recently, Ecomo successfully closed its seed round for $1 million from investment funds and angel investors. More information on Ecomo can be found at

Ecomo cares about everyone’s health and wellness. The company vision is to digitize the healthy living by using its sensing technology, mobile internet, and big data.

Ecomo holds two utility patents and two design patents for the current product. It will continuously leverage and develop their technologies to expand its product lines to meet consumer needs.


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