Editors Pick: Capsula Backpack & Bag

At Outdoor Revival we’re alway on the lookout for cool backpacks and bags, anything that will carry our stuff, that holy grail of carrying kit that make it easy to carry any load.  Well, we’ve not found it, but we have found the Capsula Backpack and Bag from Imagination Farm and it looks different enough to be well worth a good look and we’ll see if we can get hold of one for review at some time.

The Capsula Backpack and Bag have already been funded on Kickstarter so they’re definitely going ahead with production, that means that if you want one you’ll get one.



Here’s the story from Capsula:

Everything started from a zipper. A partner of ours was developing a new waterproof and airtight zipper and wondered how to test its performance. We suggested he create a case in TPU, bonded and completely impermeable, which fastened with this special zip.

After his go-ahead, we started to design several prototypes. To test the airtight zip resistance we have to close this case with the zip and inflate it. So we added an inflating valve tap and measured the maximum air internal pressure that the zipper was able to resist. We made a demo and we used this case to show the zipper performance to our partner.

He was astonished!

We were so excited about this new project and we were all amazed by this incredible new zipper system. So we decided to design a revolutionary inflatable bag using air to offer a completely new backpack experience. After 5 prototypes and one year of tests, here we are.






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