Editors Pick – DENSTERS: Shelter Building Practice For Kids

Usually, the Outdoor Revival Editors Pick is something that I think will contribute to a great time outdoors, or help to get us fit and ready for a grand adventure.

Today though The editors pick is aimed at the future. We regularly read (and yes, at Outdoor Revival we often write it as well) that more need to be done to get our kids involved in the outdoor activities and away from their tech, there’s blogs and articles about how to get them excited about camping, walking, kayaking and all sorts of outdoor activities and we recognise that when we’ve got them interested it’s often a life-long interest for them, get them hooked and generally they stay hooked.

So, with all that in mind, I love the idea of the Densters, I figure that if the kids can enjoy making dens in their own home then they’re going to enjoy making them in the garden (you could use the Densters for that as well, just use a lightweight tarp instead of a sheet) and if they’re enjoying that they’re going to enjoy the transition into the woods, using string, clips etc to create dens and shelters and then they’re outdoors people and it was all worth it, plus you had a great time on the way.



I’m putting my money where my mouth is with these as I’ve just ordered some and we’ll see if my theories are correct, we’ll let you know!

So, here’s some more information about them from their page, read on…

Meet the Densters, a set of playful and functional toy monsters, which connect together and allow kids to build the most amazing dens and forts at home! There are six unique characters in the Densters family. Each of them is a unique den connector, but they also have a functional purpose in the home: bag hook, cable holder, bookmark, door-stopper, bracelet and phone stand! This means that they can be useful to both kids and adults in one of their three roles:



Densters set includes: Cheekaboo, Wizetta, Grumpo, Hoopsta, Snella & three Zigzies + PDF colouring pages + visual instructions with ideas on how to use the Densters and build incredible dens and forts!


Creating the Densters was a lot of fun and even more hard work! From concept to realization, it took us one whole year! We’re finally ready to bring them to life, start production and offer them to kids around the world!


Densters were created to solve the problem of kids spending too much time in the digital world with the idea to reconnect them with their surroundings and imagination. Research shows that building a den and playing in it has an important role in a child’s development, especially in encouraging their sense of self.


We believe that incorporating visual and imaginative skills of children together with tangible products, prompts the expansion of their sense of space as well as their maker abilities. By reconnecting children with the world around them, we aim to inspire the next generation of creatives and push the boundaries of their imagination by building, learning and growing through organic play.

You can see more information on their Densters campaign page here.


If you do get some of these and put them to use with your kids let us know.

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