Editors Pick – The GasLight Keychain Lantern

Todays Editors Pick has mainly been chosen because it’s cool, it serves the purpose of identifying where something is because of its color and the fact it glows but looks at it, it’s cool!

I was talking to someone in the Outdoor Revival office earlier and we decided it was a good pick, it’s something different and it’s encroaching on the whole Steam Punk thing.  Although I’ve got to say upfront, there’s no actual gas involved in this anywhere, it’s just the name…

Here’s some more information from their Kickstarter page:


Phosphorescent | Titanium | EDC Locators | Effortless Utility | Reliable | Aqua or Green Glow | A timely solution to a timeless problem

The Gaslight Lantern: The Gaslight is a personal accessory with a singular purpose; It charges passively by ambient light during the day and then glows after dark so you can find your belongings. This simple task is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function.


The Gaslight is mysterious. It inspires wonder in adults and children alike and is intended for anyone who thinks it looks cool, including those who want to enhance their Everyday Carry, fans of modern design and metalwork, gadget heads, preppers and survivalists, gear nerds, accessory divas, mall ninjas, moth-people, cyberpunks…the list goes on!


The Gaslight is an example of the applied arts, manifest through the lens of Everyday Carry (EDC) culture.


The base principles of EDC culture are founded on the conviction that the objects we carry every day should function reliably to improve our lives and hopefully, give us pleasure beyond their basic utility. The latter part is where a design lives or dies in my view. It’s all so subjective in the end…but for a piece to be successful it must exhibit quality on both levels.


That is what I strive for in everything I make. In the case of the Gaslight, I draw my inspiration primarily from dystopian science fiction, steampunk fashion, space droid aesthetics, gothic architecture, exotic pocket knives and the inevitable, impending singularity.

Design Features:

  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Pleasing to the touch
  • Provides effortless utility

Modular Styling:

The design is durable, easily serviced and modular. Gaslight’s layered materials and exposed hardware make possible more options than I can offer here, so I have limited myself to four standard rewards.

Though many possible material configurations aren’t technically available, with multiple units you can build them yourself. In this way everyone who wants to can participate in the fun part of the design process, and customize their own experience.


That Glow: Your standard Gaslight lantern is not actually powered by gas. It comes equipped with your choice of Green or Aqua colored Embrite™ glow module. Embrite™ is basically glow resin on steroids. Produced by industry veteran TEC Accessories, it represents the cutting edge of phosphorescent composite material available today.

Note that the glow module does not glow perpetually. Rather, like any other product in it’s class, the module needs to be “charged” in order to glow. The longer it charges the brighter and longer it will glow. To “charge” the glow module, just expose it to any light source. UV light is best, so the ideal method would be to carry the Gaslight in such a way as to expose it to natural light throughout day during which time it will passively charge, just by soaking up ambient light.

Used in this manner it will glow for hours at night, slowly dimming over time until the energy it stored while charging is totally depleted. Tritium: Tritium can never be as bright as a fully charged Embrite™ glow module, but some backers will be interested to know that a swap kit for tritium vials will be available for the Gaslight as a Backerkit add-on.


You can see more information on Gamble Staempfil’s campaign page here.

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