Editors Pick: The MOAR – Fat Tire, Folding Frame, Electric Bicycle

There’s a huge amount of hype these days about electric bikes, there’s hundreds of them coming onto the market and to a large degree they’re all much the same.

Here at Outdoor Revival we like the idea behind them and sure, they’re great to ride when you want a lazy jaunt, but there’s something that’s just not quite right about them, after all, I can go and buy an electric scooter, or even a fully fledged electric motorbike… Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look like a push bike and doesn’t ride like a push bike, but hopefully, you get my point, bikes are becoming powered vehicles.

So, it’s rare that something in the powered bike world really catches our attention but the MOAR: Fat Tire, Folding Frame, Electric Bicycle has managed it. I actually want one! After all, it folds up making it easy to transport, it looks good, it’s got some serious oomph and heck, I just like it.


If you like it as well you’ll need to pledge your hard earned money to them via their Indiegogo page and await delivery sometime before the end of July this year.  The project is nearly 1500% funded so it’s almost certain you’re going to get hold of one if you do support it.

Here’s some more information about the MOAR folding eBike…


Finally, there’s an all-in-one electric bike solution that requires zero upgrades: MOAR is a complete folding frame, full-suspension electronic bicycle with 85 mile range, 750w motor, 48v lithium ion battery, water-proof electronics, projection headlights, turn signals, brake lights, aircraft grade aluminum & more. With (3) three eBike models to choose from, we’ve hand-selected the best setups to cater to the weekend warrior, the daily commuter and/or the eBike enthusiast.


The World’s Most Powerful, Full-Suspension Folding Frame Electric Bicycle designed for on or off-road.

An all-in-one solution for the weekend warrior, the daily commuter and/or the eBike enthusiast:


POWER – 30% more torque, power and efficiency than the competition.
SAFETY – Waterproof, disc brakes, headlights, turn signals & brake lights.
DESIGN – Full suspension, folding frame, fat tires, gears & aircraft aluminum.

Carefully engineered as a solution to the very cheap and very expensive eBikes that are currently on the market:

BARE BONES – Most cheap eBikes are made with low quality components, requiring immediate upgrades with expensive after-market accessories.
EXPENSIVE – Most expensive eBikes are loaded with pricey components that the average consumer doesn’t need or won’t notice in day to day life.
MOAR created (3) eBike models with carefully selected premium components to fit common uses with no unneeded extras and no upgrades required.


Our unique features and approachable price point come together to offer one thing; the ultimate every-day eBike.

MOAR is powered by either a 500w rear-hub or a 750w mid-drive motor.

Our motors are not just designed for 10-15 seconds of “peak power,” meaning you can ride all day at 750w without burning up the motor. We estimate peak power for the mid-drive motor would roughly be in the 1,000-1,200w range.

750W Mid-Drive Electric Bike Motor
Our silent 750w rated mid-drive motor drives the chain directly through its Shimano 9 speed gears, giving riders more precision control over their riding.



All electronics are powered by one 48V battery with either 10, 13 or 17AH.

All batteries on MOAR Electric Bikes are made using premium 48V Samsung Li-Ion batteries (same as Tesla uses) which provides faster and more efficient power delivery with 30% more range than the standard 36V cells used by other eBikes.



48V Electric Bike Battery Range and Stats
Estimated range for a 176lb (80kg) rider cruising on flat ground at 15 mph on a MOAR eBike for each battery option:

  • Get the “Sun & Fun” model for $999
  • Get the “24/7” model for $1,199 –  
  • Get the “Rapt” model for $1,999 – 

The 48V battery is housed in an IP65 splash-proof aluminum casing allowing it to easily slide in/out to charge away from your MOAR eBike.

With only one battery powering everything from the motor to electronics packages, there’s no forgetting to charge your headlights and no extra wires or mounts.

Yeah, you read that right, this thing has headlights, tail light, rider illumination, a control panel and lots of other goodies.  And, because it’s reached all of it’s stretch goals it will also come with Kickstands, Fenders and extra batteries will be available.



You can see more information on the MOAR Fat Tyre electric Bike Indiegogo Page. Where you can purchase your very own MOAR bike.

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