Editors Pick: MYCANOE – A Folding Canoe that travels in a Box

Making this the ‘Editors Pick’ is a no brainer, who doesn’t want a canoe that can be packed up, easily transported and paddles as well as many top end canoes, this is a case of having your cake and eating it, and that doesn’t happen very often.

We have a few paddlers here at Outdoor Revival HQ, so this is a popular one with all of us, and we’re itching to have a play with one.




A carrying case to a 14.5-ft full size Canoe in 10 minutes! Cool Invention, an origami folding canoe. Take MYCANOE anytime anywhere.


MyCanoe is made to go with you on all your adventures. MyCanoe is a lightweight, patented origami folding canoe. It is the highest quality folding canoe in the world that turns into a beautiful Canadian canoe in 10 minutes. Its full sized 14.5 ft with two seats are perfect for sharing with family and friends for a quick trip to the water. When it is folded to a case, it fits in most small sedans.

MyCanoe unfolds into a quality 14 ft canoe in only 10 minutes and takes only 5 minutes to fold back up.

At only 52 lbs, MyCanoe is easy to take with you wherever you go!
The optional paddles are two-piece for easy carrying. If you ever drop one in the water, they float!
The two-piece carrying covers are used as the floor of the canoe, so you don’t leave anything behind.

The body of MyCanoe is made from a marine-grade custom polypropylene with a 15 year UV treatment that will withstand 20,000 folds!
On the off-chance that your MyCanoe capsizes, there is no need to worry as your canoe will still float.

The award winning MyCanoe is TUV certified, comparing both better or similar to other canoes.
With eight different seat positions, the possible ways to enjoy your MyCanoe are limitless.

MyCanoe was specifically built to be a top performing canoe. Although it folds up small for easy transport, make no mistake, it is at home in the water and has now problem surging forward with the help of a paddle.

MyCanoe also offers additional options, including stabilizers and oar lock kit for added enjoyment, such as fishing or other activities.

The stabilizer attachments take your canoe to the next level. Use them during regular nature wandering for extra steadiness or attach to your canoe for some relaxing standup fishing time.


The oar lock kit works brilliantly to keep paddles attached to the canoe so you can row effortlessly and easily without fear of the paddles floating away.

You can see more information on the MYCANOE Kickstarter Page. Where you can purchase your very own MYCANOE.

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