Electrify any bike in 30 minutes with the Omni Wheel by EVELO


Omni Wheel is the next step in the evolution of cycling.

We believe that riding a bike should be an activity everyone can enjoy — regardless of fitness level, age, hilly terrain, or other factors. The Omni Wheel takes an ordinary, regular bike and turns it into something almost magical — a bike that gives you a boost of power when you need it.

Within a few minutes, virtually any bike becomes an electric bike, seamlessly providing you with added power to climb any hill, get to your destination faster, and have more fun along the way.

Fits Virtually Any Bike

Omni Wheel is designed to fit practically any bicycle or lifestyle. Whether you have a cruiser, an urban city bike, a recumbent, or anything in-between, once you install the Omni Wheel, your bike becomes an electric hybrid.

Pedal as much or as little as you want, as with a turn of the throttle — the Omni Wheel provides a seamless boost up to 17 miles per hour. A single charge provides up to a 40 mile range — more than enough for your everyday commute or recreational ride.

30–Minute Installation



Replace the existing front wheel on your bike with the fully-charged Omni Wheel.

Install the wireless display panel and the throttle on the handlebars.

You’re ready to go!



Just remove your existing bicycle grip and slide on the provided thumb throttle.

You may need to adjust your existing shifter and or brake lever, depending on your bicycle.

A bottom bracket cadence sensor is also included for an alternative installation.

Within a half-hour, you’ll be riding your new electrified bike.

Will It Fit?

The Omni Wheel will fit most bicycles, but we suggest you check your existing bike for the following factors prior to purchase.

Fork Width & Axle
Measure the width of the front fork of your bike to ensure that the Omni Wheel will fit. The Omni Wheel features a 10MM diameter axle.

There should be at least 100 mm (or 3.9 inches) space between the fork dropouts (using the inside dimension).

Front Brake Clearance
700C Road Wheels — Inspect the front caliper brakes to ensure that they can open wide enough to fit the Omni Wheel, which may be wider than your existing wheel — especially on Road Bikes with 700x25c tires. To test this, loosen the cable and allow the caliper to open all the way. If your brake allows about 6 mm (1/4”) on each side in its fully open position, there is enough clearance to install the Omni Wheel with your existing brakes.

26” Mountain Bikes — Front V Style or Cantilever brakes generally allow plenty of room for the Omni Wheel installation; however, you will need to re-adjust these brakes prior to riding your bike.

* Disc Brakes? If your bicycle is disc brake compatible, you can purchase an optional disc brake rotor compatible with the Omni Wheel at the time of checkout.

Wheel Size
The Omni Wheel is available in 26” and 700C sizes.

The wheel size should be stamped on the sidewall of your tire as shown in the image. If it is not visible on the tire, measure your wheel using the following specs:

26” Wheel = diameter of 559 mm (22”)

700C Wheel = diameter of 622 mm (24.5”)


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