EnergySac-The World’s Smartest Backpack

Being constantly connected means that we have constant power needs, we’re always having to plug our phone in, or the camera, Fitbit and even things like bike locks and the like are all starting to get ‘smart’ and so there’s now a constant need to charge things.

The EnergySac from D’code is aimed at being the travelers answer to this dilemma, as well as being a smart pack it’s also kitted out with its own solar panel. Here’s some more information about it from their Kickstarter campaign.

Meet EnergySac:

Take your hiking adventures to the next level and tackle your busy days on foot with the world’s smartest backpack. Jam-packed with innovative features and an awesome style, this diligently designed backpack is here to revolutionize your daily, on the go lifestyle. Equipped with a smart GPS Tracker, an edge-tech Solar Panel, 3 USB ports for your smart devices and outstanding add-on features, Energy Sac is the backpack of the future!


Track Your Backpack Anytime with the Smart GPS Tracker!

If you’ve ever lost your backpack, (especially if it was heavily loaded with important documents or precious valuables and your favorite gadgets), you already know how traumatic this experience can be. With Energy Sac you will never have to endure all this again.


Integrating an effective GPS tracking system that you can easily connect to a cell phone app, you’ll be able to monitor the location of your Energy Sac at the push of a button, wherever it may be.

Fuel All Your Smart Devices Directly from the Sun!

Designed with your modern, active lifestyle in mind, Energy Sac utilizes 3rd Generation Solar Panel Technology to power your smart devices and gadgets, no matter where you are.


Being able to channel the abundant energy that is available everywhere around us, Energy Sac will make sure you charge all your devices at lightning speed and are never left stranded without battery again.

Connect 2 Devices At the Same Time and Power Up Your iPhone in Only 2 Hours!

The innovative circuitry design of the Solar Power allows you to power external and internal USB ports at the same time. With a total output of 12 W , which is distributed to both ports, you can easily connect two devices simultaneously.

The 3rd Generation Solar Panel will be able to completely charge an iPhone 6S in only 2 hours on a sunny day!

Keep Everything With You – From Secret Documents to Your Energy Drink
All high-tech features aside, Energy Sac is still a backpack and as such, it stays true to its main purpose, which is to offer you supreme portability and storage capacity.

two large stationary and lifestyle compartments, plus one for your laptop, as well as convenient pockets for your essentials, you can be sure you have everything with you, everywhere you go.

Weather Proof


The SmartPack is also coated with a water-resistant material, which makes it impermeable to weather conditions.


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival