Eon Scooter – The Most Affordable Electric Scooter

When you want to get from A to B this could be exactly what you need. I’ve been looking at it and imagining all the things that could be done with it, it would get me into the hills or to the coast (although not both ways) it would be part of a bug out system for getting away from an area or an emergency vehicle for getting supplies, or it could be just plain old fun!

This has already surpassed it’s financed goals on Indiegogo so there little chance of it not getting made, the delivery schedule is May 2017 so not far off.

Here’s some more information about the Eon Scooter from the Eon Scooter Indiegogo page.


Revolutionize your commute with this powerful new electric scooter. Eon Scooter is the fastest electric scooter on the market complete with dual sit or stand modes. Specially designed and built from the ground up in San Francisco, Eon Scooter eclipses the competition in power, durability and affordability. Get where you’re going, faster!

A Fresh Take On Getting From Point A to Point B
Let Eon Scooter replace your current commuter vehicle with a powerful, clean alternative. No more sweaty bike rides, gas powered mopeds, or expensive and overcrowded parking garages.

Conquer Your City!
Choose between our 3 models

Utilizing the same lithium cell batteries that power the Tesla Model S, Eon Scooter is unparalleled in its performance. With three different options, there is an Eon Scooter that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Choose between the ultra lightweight and compact Mini, the casual rider Standard or the ultimate power sit or stand Pro.

A New Spin on the Joy Ride

The Eon Scooter Pro is designed for those who want the fastest, most durable electric scooter available. The Pro features a massive 30%+ grade hill climbing torque capable of conquering even the steepest San Francisco hills. The LCD display with 3 manually programmable speed limit settings “unlocks” the full power of the Pro and enables it to reach speeds of up to 25 mph and 1250w of hill climbing power. The base Pro model comes with an LED lit battery display thumb throttle and achieves speeds up to 20mph as does the Standard but with the extra 1250w of hill climbing torque.

This Scooter Packs a Punch!

Equipped for All Terrain

The Pro model is equipped with a single piece aluminum hub and tubeless 8″ pneumatic tires that are built to be durable and ready for all terrain you might encounter, contributing to Eon’s power. These thicker tires are less puncture prone, long lasting and lightweight.


We’ve paired these durable features with full front and rear spring suspension to cushion your ride. You’ll be cruising comfortably whether you’re on paved streets, unpaved roads, hard packed dirt or the playa at Burning Man.

The Pro is equipped with a 48V 1,500 Watt direct drive gearless hub motor. Over 2 horsepower allows flying speeds of up to 25 miles per hour! The rear wheel drive motor paired with 8″ wheels and all custom sport tuned electronics ensure this scooter handles better and climbs hills like you’ve never experienced before.

Dual Braking System

Each Eon Scooter model is equipped with an all weather dual braking system so you can feel safe and stop on a dime in any conditions.

The powerful rear mechanical drum brake is sealed to be rain-proof. This brake is operated by a matching hand lever placed on the handlebars (either right or left handed- backer’s choice).

The regenerative e-brake electronically slows the motor acting as a mini generator at the same time. Recapture up to 10% of battery energy through this powerful e-brake system.


The Eon Scooter is currently live and available to purchase on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chameleon-cap#/

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