Essential winter outdoor activities to do with your kids

Winter is here and with it comes the opportunity of a lot of joy for the whole family, especially for the youngest members. Being a parent means a lot of responsibility, as well as creativity, when the first snow falls. If you don’t consider yourself a particularly creative or playful person, then it’s time to learn some fun ways to keep your kids busy this winter. Just remember how it was to be young and how you felt when the first snowflakes landed on your porch. Let’s get started!

Make a snowman competition

Making a snowman is the best winter activity you can do with your kids
Making a snowman is the best winter activity you can do with your kids

Organize your whole neighborhood and ask them to join your snowman competition. Challenge all the kids and their parents to build the tallest snowman, and motivate them by giving prizes at the end. Children love to compete, and no matter what the activity is, they will have tremendous fun, and be active out in the fresh air.

Watch a parade

Pack some snacks, hot chocolate, warm clothes and take your family downtown for the Christmas parade. Welcoming Santa Claus will be an unforgettable experience for your little ones, and maybe for you as well.

Go tobogganing

Snow tobogganing
Snow tobogganing

All you need to do is to find the nearest hill and take your kids there to do some tobogganing. To make the experience even more fun, invite your friends and their kids and organize a race down the hill. Again, hot chocolate or tea will be nice to have on hand to treat everyone after finishing the race.

Holiday decorations and lights drive

If you all got tired of your own house Christmas lights and decorations outside of your house, then have a night drive with your family around the city and admire other people’s decorations. Also, you can take a vote between your family members and decide which house is the best. After the night ride, go home and have a cartoon marathon accompanied by popcorn and milkshakes.

Go skating

Ice skating
Ice skating

One of the best outdoor winter activities that will entertain your kids is, of course, ice skating. It’s even better if your kids are beginners, so you can spend hours in teaching them how to make the first steps on the ice rink. Don’t forget to bring a camera to get some cool shots of them falling around. They will appreciate it when they grow up.

Make a winter campfire

You can do it in your backyard or go for a winter picnic in the nearest park where you’re allowed to make a fire. Gather your family, find some dry logs, or cover them with plastic bags and then put blankets on top. Make some sandwiches, hot chocolate, and snowflake-shaped cookies to share with your kids. Spend a few hours around the fire, play some word games, and when your kids start to feel tired, take them home.

Go on a winter hike

A kid in the snow
A kid in the snow

Hiking through snow is extremely fun for kids. You can go to the nearest park or go into the woods for a wilder experience. Try to spot animal tracks and guess what the animal is that is walking the same trail. Or collect pine cones and other forest items and when you go back home and try to make ornaments and gifts with them. Don’t forget the snowy photos!

Play soccer in the snow

Imagine your kids in snow up to their knees trying to kick the ball. Fun, right? Apart from having fun, they will learn that sometimes you need to try hard in life to achieve your goal. Also, it will be good for their strength and physical development. In the end, all of these activities can be amusing for you as well. Enjoy and good luck!

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