Essential winter survival items to have in your car


If you are an outdoorsy person who likes to travel a lot, then you probably know about all the basic items that should be in your survival kit. What’s important to add here is that for a winter hiking trip you need some extra gear and clothes, as well as the essential ones that include food, water, a bandage, a flashlight and aspirin. If you want to be well-prepared for your next cold-weather hike, here are some useful items you should add to your list.

Earmuffs or a beanie


Most people are aware that a lot of the body’s heat escapes out from the head. But that won’t happen if you wear a warm and woolie beanie or earmuffs. Wearing them both is even better, especially if you’re out on below zero temperatures. You can never be overdressed when it comes to a cold weather adventure. Protecting your head is also important in case there is a chilly wind out there.

Full face mask

A full face mask is a must-have in any severely cold weather. Bring one for each member of your family and don’t let anyone walk around in the cold without the mask. Extreme cold weather can damage the skin, your hearing and cause additional sinus problems.


Don’t you even think about driving on a snow-surrounded road without sunglasses. The glaring white snow can damage your eyes if you drive for too long.

Wool blankets


If you get trapped in a snowstorm while driving through a mountain, you will need to cover yourself with a wool blanket and try to stay warm. If your car shuts down, then you will need extra wool blankets to prevent hypothermia.


Cotton gloves are no good because they get wet quickly and your hands will suffer. Choose polyester ones that are waterproof and will allow you to move your fingers freely.

Winter boots

Dressed for winter
Dressed for winter

You need to buy some appropriate footwear to make sure that your feet stay dry and warm while you’re collecting firewood or doing other outdoor winter tasks.


No, this is not only for fancy hikers or ladies. Cold, windy weather will dry your lips, they’ll start peeling, and you’ll be in pain. Choose a lip balm that protects and moisturizes.

Snow shovels

A steel-bladed shovel is a must if you don’t want to have to buy a new shovel each year. You will need it to clear the snow from the road when you venture into the mountains. Imagine getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with 12 inches of snow on the road. That’s why you need a good-quality steel shovel in your car during the whole winter season.


Dry wood
Dry wood

Keep some extra firewood in your car whenever you do some winter traveling. You never know when you’ll need to make a fire by the road and maybe cook some dinner. During winter time it’s hard to find dry wood in the wild, so always have some dry tinder in your trunk.

Windshield scrapers

Windshield scrapers are perfect in case you need to leave in a hurry and don’t have the time to turn on the heater.

Kitty Litter

If there’s ice on the road, put some kitty litter under the tires to prevent sliding. The roads in winter get frozen, especially in the remote areas.

Snow gear

Winter clothes
Winter clothes

Even if you’re not going skiing or snowboarding, you need to have proper winter clothes that include an insulation layer and a waterproof outer jacket. Spending time outside in the snow will mean wet feet and wet legs unless you get yourself some new, good-quality snow pants and a jacket.

Stay safe and warm and good luck!

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