Ex-Navy SEAL Switched To Teaching Survival Skills

Doug Williams

We all know that Special Forces guys can look after themselves and who wouldn’t want to be taught the ropes by one of the worlds elite?

That’s the opportunity that some folks have now thanks to Madison Parker’s change of career.

Former Navy SEAL Madison Parker has decided to spend his time helping others by teaching them outdoor survival skills.  He states that learning survival skills is a building process; you can’t just jump in at the top end of skills without having the rudimentary skills first.


He has learned his skills not only in the military but also out in the outback, living off the land and teaching himself what he needed in order to survive.  He admits to having gotten his inspiration from books about the Apache Indians and how they used to live.

He realized that they used to be able to live very successfully without modern weapons, and yet could bring down large animals when hunting.   He then took up the challenge and started to teach himself how to live successfully off the land.

Once he thought he was good at it, after five years, he then started to teach others.  He runs the Bulletproof Primitive Supply Company from his home.  It is now a well-established business, and he has been teaching people wilderness survival skills for the last 35 years.

He has been teaching not only civilians but also members of the Navy SEALS and the team that hunted Osama bin Laden.  The cornerstone of his business is teaching people how to survive in the wild without modern technology.

He runs a range of courses to teach groups or individuals.  One of the courses is a fire skills course.  In this course, you won’t be using matches but learning old tried-and-true fire making skills such as the bow and drill, bamboo fire-saw, hand drill, and fire-plow methods.


It is possible to become proficient in these ancient skills within 48 hours.

The plant fiber course is for those interested in being able to find plants with useable fibers out in the wilderness.  You learn how to harvest and strip bark and process it into something you can use.  You can make sandals, hats, and backpacks from these skills and the course length depends on how much depth of knowledge you would like.

If you have two or more days free, try the Traps and Snares course.  This will teach you the skills and techniques of trapping wild game such as rabbits and fish.  A course to pair with this is the tracking course – they complement each other, and you will learn to identify and track animals.

Madison Parker has a further range of courses available, and one of the key things is that they are all less than a week long.  Everything you learn here you can take into the wilderness with you so that if you do find yourself without the modern tools of today, you will easily survive.


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