Fairy-Tale waterfalls around the world

If you’re a regular hiker, you know that sometimes, when you hike in the fresh air and green mountains, it can feel like you’ve stepped inside the book “Lord of the Rings” or some other fantasy setting.

There are sights around the world that are almost too beautiful to be true, and for a moment, you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. High on a mountain, on the shore of a lake, at the edge of a small country village, or at the bottom of a waterfall.

Well, here are a few waterfalls around the world that might get you feeling it again.


One is Sutherland Falls, near Milford Sound on New Zealand’s South Island. For a long time, until the discovery of Browne Falls, it was believed that the 1,904 feet (580 meters) Falls was the tallest waterfall in New Zealand.

People who have visited this waterfall describe their trip as a poem. It’s true that one could say that much of New Zealand can have such an impact, but when we talk about waterfalls, there is certainly something magical and hypnotizing about being near them. You can reach the Sutherland Falls by walking on the Milford Track, starting from Quintin Public Shelter.

Another waterfall to see is the Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, on the border between China and Vietnam. These falls are actually two waterfalls on the river Quây Sơn. However, when the summer rain season comes, the waterfalls join and become one. The Ban Gioc-Detian Falls are 98 ft tall (30 meters) with a series of rocky ledges and trees separating the water into three cascades, while the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heard from afar.

This waterfall has only recently been discovered by Western tourists, so is completely unspoiled. In the gorge of the waterfall are many species of plants. Ban Gioc is only accessible through a cavern from an adjoining gorge.

View from China in dry season
View from China in dry season


Ban Gioc waterfall, Vietnam. Photo credit
Ban Gioc waterfall, Vietnam. Photo credit

Iceland is also one a country with the many breathtaking sights. One of these sights is certainly the Seljalandsfoss waterfall which is also one of the great natural wonders of the world.


It is 197 ft tall (60 meters) and it is a part of Seljalands River that has its origin in the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull. One can get behind the waterfall through a little cave which makes the experience even more exciting and beautiful.


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