Fall Photo Essay from Mountain Mom and Tots

Paul Pinkerton

Our next article from Susan Strayer who’s an inspiration to many with her Blog – Mountain Mom and Tots.

I know some of you don’t get to experience the beauty of fall colors right outside your window. This time of year I feel sorry for you southern California-ites and Floridians (talk about role reversal).

There’s something magical about autumn. The leaves put on their kaleidoscope display, the air is crisp and the smell of nature is all around.



Several times in the past month I have looked around with awe at the beauty around me. I want to share some of that beauty with you through this photo essay. Enjoy.


Little G on the walk to pickup Big E from the bus.



Me, Mountain Dad and Baby L



The view from my hammock.



On the walk home from the bus stop.




In our yard. Little g is in a swimsuit, playing in the leaves.
Just after this she put on a winter hat. Talk about an all season girl.



Another view from the hammock.



The tots on the Grotto Trail.



Big E on the Grotto Trail.



Exploring the river with friends.



Go little g! You can do it.



Baby L on the MonkeyMat.



A parting shot of Mountain Dad.



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Susan Strayer, author of MountainMomandTots.com is all about getting families into nature. She lives with her husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah and spends her time hiking, biking, skiing and camping as much as possible.

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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.


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