Find out why pets are better travel companions than humans

While we love to travel with our friends and family, we have to admit that sometimes it can be problematic. On the other hand, when you travel with pets they will never complain, get cranky or yell at you. Having a pet co-driver can be a lot of fun and here you can discover some of the reasons why it’s easier to travel with pets than it is with humans.

Pets never criticize your driving

Driving with a dog
Driving with a dog

That’s right! Your dog is so busy watching the scenery passing by that it won’t even notice you’re driving. Pets are cool travel companions because they will leave you to do all the work without criticizing, asking you to lower the speed, change lanes, or break sooner. You won’t hear anything of these while road-tripping with your four-legged furry pal.

They’re happy with whatever route you take

When you’re traveling with your dog, it’s up to you to choose which way you’re going. Even if you get lost or go around in circles for hours, your dog will never complain and tell you: ” I told you so!” Your dog, cat, rabbit or turtle doesn’t care where you’re heading as long you’re together, and something fun is going on out of the window.

Pets don’t care when you’ll arrive 

Cycling with a cat
Cycling with a cat

Animals don’t have a great sense of time, so you will never hear complaints from them about getting somewhere late. Like they don’t care where are you going, neither do they worry about what time you’ll be arriving. So, this is one more good reason to travel with your pet.

Pets are great listeners!

Don’t have anyone to whom to complain about your co-workers or your annoying boss? Don’t worry, you can talk to your pet for hours, and it will listen without saying a word. Also, nobody will ever know what you said. Unless your dog starts talking for some reason, that is.

Pets never disagree with your restaurant choice

Dog on a table
Dog on a table

You can stop and have your lunch whenever you like, as long as the restaurant is animal-friendly. Your pet won’t complain about the food choice or say that you should’ve chosen a different place that everybody else likes. With your pet next to you all decisions will be easier and quicker.

Pets don’t care how much time you spend shopping

You can spend the whole day walking around a new city and entering each shop, food-store, market, jewelry store, and your pet won’t complain. As long as your dog has new smells to keep them busy, you have no worries. Being with you all day and not sharing you with others is enough to keep your dog’s tail wagging.

You don’t have to share the hotel bathroom

When you travel with a dog, obviously make sure you book a pet-friendly hotel. As for your personal hygiene, traveling with a pet means that you’ll have the bathroom all to yourself. No waiting in line to brush your teeth or take the morning shower. Sounds cool, right?

Travelling with pets is fun

Traveling with a dog
Traveling with a dog

Whatever pet you have in your car while driving, it will make you laugh and keep you entertained throughout the whole trip. Dogs and cats are so fun to watch in the rearview mirror while they sleep on the back seat or try to find out what’s going on outside of the car.

In the end, it depends on what kind of pet you have and if it’s a dog, what breed it is. Travelling with animals can make your road trip adventure more exciting and something worth remembering. Simply get all the necessary travel gear for your pet, always have food and water under the seat and make frequent stops. Stay safe and good luck!

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