Fingerless wristwarmer mitts made in five minutes

Winter’s going to be here before you know it, the cold winds and snow are going to be blowing in and sucking the heat out of the word. Yeah, a bit over the top I know, but you get the point. At some time you might need to keep your hands warm and yet there’re no gloves handy. However, you just might have some socks to hand!

This is a simple how-to from Mary in the UK

I bought a pair of loop pile camping socks in Poundland last week, but when I got them home, I realized that they had really thick clumsy seams across the toes. This makes them unwearable for me, just blisters waiting to happen. I was about to throw them out, when I had an idea.

bushcraft uk
Pair of socks

Put your hand into the sock so that the base of your thumb sits at the heel of the sock.


Mark where your big thumb joint lies. I used a scrap of soap to give me a line that rubs out.


Mark where the knuckle nearest the tip of your middle finger lies, on the sock too.

Now cut straight across at the mark where your finger knuckle was.


Then use the scissors to cut through the fold of the sock at the heel. A couple of cms long is more than ample. Cut small rather than too long.


Because the fabric is loop pile knitted it won’t unravel, instead it will roll back on itself and then stabilize.



Result, one pair of warm, comfortable, fingerless mittens, in a good bushcrafty green color, for a pound

Mary of Bushcraft UK

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