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OK, picture this, you’re out in the wilds, storm brewing about you, the winds picking up, the rain’s started coming in and so you zip up your jacket… Well, you try to, what actually happens is that you get it going and 2 inches up “Kaboom” or in other words zip failure, yeah, I know it would be much cooler if there was a proper kaboom instead of a muttered expletive.

We in the Outdoor Revival HQ have experienced this sort of thig ourselves and to say that it’s an inconvenience is a bit of an understatement, we also believe that others have experienced this and that there are many, many, more of you that will experience this profound inconvenience…

But fear not, help is at hand in the form of the FixnZip: Replacement Zipper Slider and my confidence in this product grows, even more, having heard that it’s kit used by the Navy Seals, just in case!


John Gives us some more information below

As it is normally a worn out or broken slider that is the cause of zip failure, an easily fitted replacement zip slider can save a lot of pain and hardship.

The FixnZip Replacement Zip Sliders can be fitted in seconds with no tools or sewing, they work on coil, metal and plastic toothed zips and come in sizes S, M and L to fit zip sizes O-10.


Available in nickel or black nickel finishes and either singly or in packs of 3 (S,M and L), these replacement sliders may be slightly more bulky than standard sliders, but are a boon if you want to repair zips that fail in the field. You can even swap one off a “permanent repair” on your rucksack onto your newly broken sleeping bag zip for the night – and swap it back when you want to move off in the morning.


I tried out the black nickel finished medium replacement zipper slider and it worked just as it was meant to on open and closed end zips of various sorts in a couple of different sizes between sizes 5 and 8, and came with a choice of ring or cord and plastic pullers as well as a usage guide and very detailed step-by-step instructions.


Costing $9.99, these versatile and simple-to-use FixnZip Replacement Zipper Pullers deserve a place in anyone’s repair kit/possibles pouch (Remember, US Navy Seals all carry them) and will certainly be in mine!

Thanks to John Fenna of Bushcraft UK Source@

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