FLOAFERS – The Next Generation Of Lightweight Footwear

I have to admit, it was the name that caught my attention – Floafers, it’s going to be a conversation starter that’s for sure…

On Outdoor Revival we’re not all about hiking the trails and surfing the seas, for us we just want people to get outdoors more and having a pair of these could help, you can go from the car to the water, or jump on your bike for a ride to meet your friends in town.

The only thing we can compare to with these is Crocs and so they should last well and be comfortable to use. Best of all they’re a great price, if you pick up two pairs they’re just $36 a piece.


Here’s some more information from Floafers themselves:

Floafers are versatile and can be worn anywhere with anything; our patented design includes strategic vent holes and side gills for breath-ability and fast drying. Floafers are made of environmentally friendly closed cell EVA foam, which makes our shoes light weight, water proof and anti-microbial. The soles of our shoes are made of a scuff proof and slip resistant TPC rubber, perfect for boats or any kind of wet surface. Floafers are a life style shoe brand, perfect for any occasion!


With YOU in mind, we have diligently been designing and redesigning for the last two years to bring you the most functional and fashion forward shoe design that the EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) market has ever seen! We have combined the durability, scuff resistance and anti-microbial nature of EVA foam with timeless aesthetics and practical utility. From the array of color options and classic styling to the convenient utility hole allowing you to attach your Floafers, when not in use, we have made it our mission to create the ideal shoe for the fashionably aware outdoors men and women!

Three years ago this was just an idea while on vacation. We really wanted a pair of loafers that could be worn to the beach, in the water or on a boat…a pair of shoes stylish enough to be worn at a beach bar or the office. What we eventually came up with was stylish loafers combined with the utility of EVA foam. We want everyone to feel good & look good while doing the things they love! This shoe is ideal for many outdoor activities including:

  • Boating-sailing, yachting, powerboats, kayaks & canoes
  • Fishing-competitive, deep sea & weekend warriors
  • Leisure-bicycling, walking, tubing & paddle boarding
  • Outdoors-hiking, backpacking & camping
  • Travel-cruises, resorts, water parks & pool parties
  • Golfing-19th hole approved!



You can see more information on the Floafers Kickstarter Page. Where you can purchase your very own Pair of Floafers.


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