FlowMotion Stabilizer – The End of Shaky Videos

As you can probably imagine, we take quite a few pictures here at Outdoor Revival and this year we plan on doing a lot more and a lot more video for the site and for articles. My iPhone, when the lighting is ok, takes

My iPhone, when the lighting is ok, takes great picture and video making it an obvious choice to have on hand.

Video is great but it’s easy to get it a bit shakey so some sort of gimbal is essential for smooth video capture and this FlowMotion Stabilizer on Indiegogo looks just the ticket.


FlowMotion ONE – Capture smooth cinematic videos with your smartphone. Auto-follow tracking, motion time-lapse, and so much more.

Capture Smooth Cinematic Videos with your smartphone

It’s hard to capture smooth video with your smartphone, we’ve all been there. You think you captured the perfect moment, but it ends up as a crappy memory.

We’re FlowMotion and as adventurers, travelers and techies, we believe that great moments should be captured in the best possible way.

That’s why we made FlowMotion™ ONE – the world’s most versatile smartphone stabilizer.

Is this just for Professional Videographers?

Absolutely not! Our mission is to put an end to shaky videos and make professional videography available for everyone. FlowMotion™ ONE is developed by engineers, designers, and professional videographers, made for everyone to capture everyday moments.


Handheld – Wearable – Extendable


Mount ONE to any camera mount, GoPro mount or to the optional carbon extension pole. The grip and joystick enable you to control the stabilizer, even while using the extension pole.

Auto Follow Technology

Advanced auto follow technology built into the FlowMotion™ app allows you to always have YOU, or someone you care about in focus. Simply mark the person on the screen, and ONE will follow and keep them in the frame, no matter how they move.

Share Your Moment – When You Are in Them

Live stream your moments in smooth cinematic quality directly to Facebook or YouTube, whether you are skiing, traveling or going to your favorite concert.

In pan mode, you smartphone is fixed in the vertical direction, but pans smoothly when you move from side to side. Pan mode is perfect for most situations, whether ONE is mounted on your bike or on a FlowMotion™ pole or handle.

In lock mode your phone is fixed relative to all axis and stands perfectly still, no matter how you move.

In pan + tilt mode your smartphone will move smoothly in all directions, while at the same time, compensating for vibration and sudden movement.

Unlock the full potential of your ONE with the FlowMotion™ app. Access features such as motion time-lapse, panorama, and professional video shooting modes – or create your own custom presets. Use the app to view and organize all your media, and keep the product firmware up to date.


You can find more information and purchase the FlowMotion Stabilizer Here

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