Forearm Foklift

imagine this is a log...
imagine this is a log...

I saw this, and my imagination started doing overtime, it’s advertised as something that can help with lifting cupboards, couches, and boxes but in my head, this is a great wilderness of off-grid bit of kit.

I’ve always wanted to build a cabin in the woods but moving logs around by hand is hard work, this could help with that as well as move rocks, etc. if need be. I expect it could also be used for lifting bundles of firewood (yeah, big ones I know)

Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps. They’re a pair of ADJUSTABLE STRAPS THAT EMPLOY LEVERAGE which makes the item being carried seem MUCH lighter! The straps are used for moving heavy items of different shapes and sizes. They’re used to safely lift furniture, appliances, mattresses and other pieces weighing up to 800 lbs. while encouraging proper lifting techniques which reduce back injuries. Not only that, they’re high quality, easy to use, affordable and simple to set up.


The weight capacity for lifting with the straps is supposed to be about 7oo pounds, they cost about $28 and they’re now available over most of the world so if you fancy a pair of straps they’re easy to get hold of, you can also buy extension pieces for bigger items (I think we’d need these for logs, but we’d make the extension) and even other types of straps for different uses and trades.

They’re probably useful for getting big tents out of the garage and with them you can probably pack camping gear into bigger box’s because you can now manage the box. We have some big wooden boxes for a lot of gear and they can get really heavy and hard to manage when we’re loading the trailer up for a big adventure.

For the most part the reviews online are great, there are some negative ones but they’re mostly to do with getting the wrong item delivered rather than the quality of the straps so it could be well worth a try.


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival