The Forever O.G.Pants

Pants that are Odor, Liquid & Stain Resistant – backed by a Lifetime Quality and Size Guarantee.

That’s the claim of the team and after having a look at the pants they look great, although only time will tell.

I figured that if these pants live up to all the claims, they could be perfect for may of the outdoor activities that we participate in, they’ll keep you drier and cleaner than most pants as well as looking good and feeling good.


You should be able to wear these longer and use them harder and if anything goes wrong you can get them replaced for free, or if you change size, you can swap them out for a new size which is amazing.

I’m picturing us here in the Outdoor Revival office wearing these, seems like a good enough image, now to get hold of some!

Here’s more information from the company and further down a link to their Kickstarter campaign which as of the time of writing is 1799% funded ($434,414), so it looks like everyone will definitely get their pants, well, everyone that’s supported the project which you still can.

This is from Jeff Chang, Founder, Wonderous

“Our inspiration for The Forever O.G. Pants was simple. We saw how cheap pants don’t last and how expensive pants don’t fit for long.” asserted, Jeff Chang, Founder, Wonderous. “With our lifetime size exchange program you never have to worry about size again. Just exchange out your pair for a pair that fits. With transparent pricing, silver threading, Odor, Liquid and Stain Resistant fabric and a lifetime quality guarantee we intend to redefine what quality means.”

Wonderous prides itself on being manufactured in New York, with buttons from San Francisco, and custom fabric from Los Angeles. For decades, the company feels that fashion giants have trained consumers to accept inferior products, they plan to change all that by providing superior quality fit, at an affordable price.


Backed by 2 years of R&D and 12 rounds of prototypes, each pair of The Forever O.G. Pants outperforms all existing clothing standards by featuring; silver infused extremely flexible fabric, premium embroidery, a heavy duty YKK zipper, ultra strong 3-ply 4 way stretch twill, Italian gingham lining, tucked belt loops, extra strong inseam, a reinforced double crotch, and is made from odor, liquid and stain resistant fabric boasting state of the art liquid repellant nanotechnology. The pants come in a Classic Fit or Tailor Slim Fit and the company expects to ship in time for Christmas 2016.

Wonderous is disrupting the global clothing industry with our revolutionary lifetime size and quality guaranteed Forever O.G. Pants that are Odor, Liquid and Stain resistant. We have a fully transparent pricing policy that everyone can inspect and our clothes are always Made in America. Support our Kickstarter to disrupt the clothing industry and make a real difference, today.

Jeff’s story
In 2013, I was working as a restaurant server in New York, scraping by on close to minimum wage. The amount of money I was spending on clothing alone was ridiculous. I tried to save money by buying cheap, fast fashion pants from H&M and Zara, only to have those pants break apart shortly thereafter. I even went the route of buying expensive pairs of pants, but I wasn’t able to wear them for longer than a couple months since I was losing weight at the time.

Fast forward a year to when I was working at Maker’s Row in Dumbo, Brooklyn. As part of my job, I met regularly with American manufacturers, whose stories about the obstacles they’d faced and overcome resonated with me deeply. They lamented that the average consumer doesn’t value quality anymore, and while I saw their point, I knew I wasn’t the only one unsatisfied with the limited choice of either cheap, low-quality clothing from chain outlets or marked-up clothing from independent retailers with rigid customer service policies. That was my aha! moment.

Why do pants—something we wear every day—need to have an expiration date? Why can’t pants be guaranteed for life? Why can’t there be a size exchange program? And why don’t companies use quality fabrics or buttons from U.S. manufacturing plants?

The questions began swirling, and I began my aforementioned quest to put together the perfect pair of chino pants. The Forever O.G. Pants by Wonderous are not only a culmination of my own passion, but also a tribute to the passion and dedication of manufacturers who do quality work here in the U.S.

I wanted to share this story because I think the fast fashion phenomenon is, unfortunately, being accepted in America as the norm, and I think the only way to combat it is to offer something better that customers didn’t even know was possible. Something revolutionary. A product defined by quality and sustainability rather than reliant upon exploitation and obsolescence. That is the story of our journey to create The Forever O.G. Pants.

You can find more information and purchase the O.G. Pants on Indeigogo Here

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