Fun ways to teach your kids to love nature

Stef Zisovska

One of the most important things that you can teach your kids while they’re little is to love and respect nature. Spending time in the great outdoors with your family and exploring a new corner of the nearby forest every weekend is a priceless experience. Taking your kids out every time that you can and teaching them how to care about their surroundings will mean they grow into environment-friendly people. You don’t need to be an expert with a degree to teach your kids to love nature, what you need for this task are free time and patience.

Let them dig

Playing in sand is a fun activity for children
Playing in sand is a fun activity for children

Kids love to get dirty, and you can’t fight against it! Instead, let your kids dig around the backyard or in the nearby forest where they can explore the different layers of the soil and discover earthworms and other creatures. They will feel special about it and will develop their creativity.

Have a picnic

The simplest way to spend at least a few hours in nature with your kids is to have a picnic whenever the weather conditions allow it. Prepare a simple meal, take a blanket, and find a nice spot to have your next Sunday lunch.

Go hiking

Hiking with your children
Hiking with your children

Hiking in the nearby mountains or hills is an amazing outdoor activity for you and your kids. They will get to spend some quality time in nature, develop a routine of being physically active and enjoy discovering new trails. Hiking will help your kids develop orientation and simple survival skills, as well as an understanding of the laws of nature and wildlife.

Be excited about nature yourself

How can your kids love nature if you’re not loving it? When you take them into the wilderness, try to express your appreciation and love for nature in a very obvious way so they can follow your example and love nature even more.



Geocache is a great way to combine a treasure hunt with going outdoors. It’s one of the best things you can do with your kids outside and they will enjoy the endless fun and be grateful for your creativity.

Identify birds, bugs, and animals

All kids love animals, so instead of taking them to the zoo take them out in the park or in your backyard and try to find some bugs or birds that you can observe and teach your kids about. Kids are naturally enthusiastic about animals, so you won’t need to invest too much effort to inspire them to go and explore something new. Digging out earthworms or observing ladybugs in your garden is a good way to start developing curiosity in your kids. If you have time to take them somewhere where you can all observe bigger animals like bears, buffalo, wolf, or even whales, it would be a most precious experience for them. Make sure you don’t show fear in front of them, no matter what happens. Stay calm and teach your kids how powerful nature is, but don’t scare them.

Collect rocks

Collecting rocks
Collecting rocks

Many kids like collecting rocks and bringing them home. Let your kids check out each rock they like and collect the samples that seem special to them. Ask your kids why they picked up a certain rock and ask them to describe what it looks like, how it smells, what it reminds them of. Add an element of creativity to whatever outdoor activity you do with your kids and you’ll see how fast they develop. Nature is beautiful, and we are a part of it. Let’s teach our kids to respect and love this magnificent world!

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