Go Surfing In the Dark On Light Up Waves – Looking To Have an Amazing and Unique Surfing Experience? Read on

Surfing is an incredibly fun sport, although for some it can be very difficult sport to learn. But with even saying all that there’s many people that agree that taking the time and effort to learn how to surf is definitely worth it.

It is truly amazing to be able to tackle the waves while on a surfboard, using your own body strength and sense of balance to guide you. The ocean is also very temperamental and intense, so being able to be in the ocean while on a surfboard and riding the waves is something that can be truly exhilarating.

It is a great way to get into shape or stay in shape, and for many it’s a great way to maintain a sense of peace and calm and not let the stresses of every day life take over.


What would make surfing an even more exhilarating experience would be if a person had the ability to do so while the sun sets and as night falls. Surfing in the dark is just a different thing altogether and most people find the difference too much so surfing for most is a day time activity.

Well, if you want to sure in the dark, there is a place where this can be done, and many would say that it is certainly worth the trip.

Wavegarden in Spain is the first facility that makes it possible for people who surf to be able to ride the waves after the sun sets. To do this, the venue has a pool that uses lights under the water to create the perfect amount of color, intensity, and coverage so that the water is lit up perfectly.

All of this together allows the surfers to catch the waves after the sun sets with beautiful colors taking over the water.

This is a truly unique experience and something that would be a treat for surfing enthusiasts who would love to try out something new on their surfboard.


Yes, we know that being in a pool is not the same as the wild ocean, but if it’s a choice between not surfing at night and surfing at night this is a great option.

Heck, you can surf all night, what’s not to like.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival