Grinding a Knife Bevel – Step by Step

knife by Luckylee of Bushcraft UK
knife by Luckylee of Bushcraft UK

In this instructional video from knifemaker Trollsky, he shows us how to make a grinding jig to get even bevels on a knife blade. So if you want to make a knife and you’ve been wondering or worry about how you’re going to get those bevels neat and tidy this video is well worth a watch.

It’s a very simple setup with a piece of wood and a threaded bar and a couple of different sized nuts to use for angle adjustments. Then you get your knife that needs the bevel applied and color where the
cutting edge is going to be, this is then marked down the middle with a drill bit, so, if the knife steel is 4mm thick then using a 4mm drill will give you a scratch down the middle of the painted edge.

Then you mount the blade to the jig so that the knife can’t move. When it’s secure it’s time to take the knife and jig to the belt grinder, make sure that you have good eye protection as there’s going to be lots of flying sparks, remember, sparks and eyeballs don’t work!


Take your time as you pass the work back and forth across the belt grinder, a mistake at this point could be bad so take your time and don’t rush things. Also make sure that you keep the steel cool, wearing latex gloves is a good way of keeping your hands from getting wet when you’re quenching the blade to keep it cool and it keeps thing safer.

When you’ve got your blade ground it’s time to finish the rest of your knife.

Thanks to Trollsky and ©BritishBlades for allowing us to use this article

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