GRIPsher – The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool

The GRIPsher looks like a great little tool that has something welcomingly different about it compared to other multi-tools available.  We like the look of it and if it functions as well as described it looks like a great mini tool to have on hand, one of those tools that gets used a lot.

It’s available through a Kickstarter campaign so it’s a community-financed project meaning that you’re going to get this for a good price compared to when it’s for general sale.

Here’s what designers Outsmarting Technologies LLC say about it…


Meet GRIPsher. GRIPsher is a compact style multitool that packs functionality into a small, light, and robust size. It was dreamt up by an Army Veteran, refined by an MIT engineer, and brought to life with common sense.


GRIPsher is not like the other compact multitools you own. While many other tools claim useless functions, stretch the imagination of possibilites, or simply have tools that do not work well, GRIPsher means business. It is over engineered to provide unparalleled functionality and utilization.


GRIPsher is a natural extension of your hand. It is designed to replace all the times you use your finger tips to pinch a hex bolt, your finger nail to screw in a flat head, or pinch a wire to strip it.


GRIPsher is packed with real and true functionality. Features and tools included were carefully thought out and refined based on actual user feedback. We wasted no time trying to stick in another ‘nail scraper’ or a ‘can opener.’ Instead, we observed which functions on a multi tool users actually use and optimized these tools to be readily accessible and functional using a single hand. This is no ordinary addition to your Everyday Carry (EDC).

GRIPsher is packed with rich and unique functions. The design mimics an extension of the hand with the benefit of increased functionality. The placement and design of the tool was carefully thought out based on which tools are used most often.



GRIPsher has a lot of cool functions, some more hidden than others. Below is a breakdown of all of the cool features you can perform using a GRIPsher and where they are located on the tool.


Some of you may be wondering, why the odd looking green jaws on bottom? The HEXGRIP System allows an easy and fully adjustable way to secure hex screw bits in one cutout and hex bolts and nuts in the other cutout, which is at a 20 degree angle for easy use.


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival