Grizzly Bears With Daisey Crocket How To Create Miracles

Paul Pinkerton

We’re grateful to the amazing Nikki van Schyndel (aka Daisy Crocket) for sharing some of her life and adventures with us here on Outdoor Revival

When you’re boxing spot prawns for 10 hours a day on a commercial prawn boat, you have a lot of time for random thoughts sneaking in between the continual counting of sharp, little, samurai sword headed creatures, lining up in bright blue boxes headed for Japan.  Short snippets of adventures with bears have been reeling through my mind’s memories the past few days, since they have emerged from their caves, hollow stumps, tree root systems and secret hibernation condos.

Grizzly bears continue to reinforce my faith in the magic of nature and the powerful energy surrounding all life, that once merged with, will create the most unimaginable miracles.


I’ve been blessed to share such experiences with others and deciding to lead a group of 7 men into a pathless forest to spy on grizzly bears, which most people would shake their heads at and run, was one of my fondest memories for miracle making.  I even returned them to their boat with all limbs attached with only sweating brows, minor scratches from prickly berry bushes and a few painful hornet stings after someone accidentally stepped on their underground home.  I’ll be honest, their trust in me and their beautiful spirits of adventure made up for their heavy footfalls, loud voices and skills as woodsmen.

Learn how to co-create miracles and walk in the footsteps of grizzlies with us that day…


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Nikki van Schyndel (aka Daisy Crocket), ventured out into the wilds of British Columbia 12 years ago to live her childhood dream of surviving off the land with primitive tools, she was there for a year and a half completely immersed in the wilderness, since then she’s found her balance, now living in a cabin she built and having a few modern conveniences she is still living in the wilderness, she is blogging, vlogging and working hard to survive in a beautiful place that makes her happy.

She’s also the author of  the best selling book ‘Becoming Wild’ about her experiences learning to survive and ultimately thrive along the rugged, isolated rainforest of British Columbia.



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